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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Donder! Taiwan-ichi Ketteisen 2014 - Rules and Proceedings Announced


『太鼓達人』新機首次全國大賽, 將於2014年暑假盛大舉辦≧▽≦
共取16名玩家晉級全國決賽, 決定台灣NO.1太鼓達人!!

[桃竹區] 7/12(六)PM14:00 @ 中壢新都市
[嘉南區] 7/13(日)PM14:00 @ 迪貝堡國賓店
[北 區] 7/19(六)PM14:00 @ 湯姆熊明曜百貨店
[南 區] 7/20(日)PM14:00 @ 大江戶電競中心
[中 區] 7/27(日)PM14:00 @ TIGER運動館

8/30(六)PM13:00 @ HYPER GAMER(台北吉星)

另外, 近期還將舉辦『預賽指定曲票選活動』




Well, what d'you know? The Taiwan Tournament IS going to be called Donder! Taiwan-ichi Ketteisen 2014. Earlier Sume released a series of presentation slides to explain the rules and proceedings of the tournament, so let's take a look!

See the slides as complete Facebook album
Sume Official Facebook Page

Due to not being as big as Japan, the tournament is to be divided into only two stages - the five Area Preliminaries (across July 12~27) and the National Finals (August 30).

The basic rules of this tournament is similar to the past ones in Japan: You must have your own Banapassport, and have to sustain your own travelling fees. Also you can play in as many preliminaries until you obtain a place in the finals. Minors, remember to obtain parental consent and watch out for safety!

These are the five areas and their preliminary times and locations. A total of 16 finalists will be selected.

And the finals will be held in the HYPER GAMER arcade center in Taipei on August 30. Wonder if there will be livestreaming too?

Gameplay rules of the preliminaries are also very similar: Shin-uchi and Shin-uchi only can be used (automatic zero if you forgot to set!). No external cloth or whatever is allowed on the cabinets. Different from the Japan events, you can bring and use your own sticks.

And the songs to be played will structure like this. One will be randomly chosen from three as voted by players (more later), and the other is randomly chosen from two songs designated by Namco (to be announced July 1).

Now the souvenirs: the participatory prize is this exclusive, cute Taiko no Tatsujin ruler!

As previously noted, the exclusive Momoiro-themed Banapassport will be given out, and in many ways!
  • Finalist Prize: all finalists get one
  • Ranking Prize: two more participants will get one if they land at the predetermined ranks at the preliminary
  • Raffle Prize: and the rest will be raffled off to other participants at the end of each preliminary. Make sure you stay til the end!

And from June 17~24, the Sume Official Facebook Page will hold a poll to determine the three voted songs to be used in the preliminaries. Each Facebook account can vote once for three songs, and the three most popular songs wins out! Five lucky voters will get the Momoiro-themed Banapassport as a participation prize.


Here are the songs you can choose, all being 6~8★ charts. They are using the Regular Oni chart only, so take note if you are just partial to the Ura.
  •  Amachan Opening Theme
  •  Memeshikute
  •  Dance My Generation
  • Bokura wa Ima no Naka de
  •  Maji LOVE 2000%
  •  A Cruel Angel's Thesis
  •  Juumensou colorful ver.
  •  Yi-er Fan Club
  •  Noushou Sakuretsu Girl
  •  Senbonzakura
  •  Bad Apple!! feat. nomico
  •  Excerpt from Symphony No. 7
  •  Alborada del Gracioso
  •  Kinniku no You na Bokura ~Muscle Love Theme~
  •  Pokemon XY Trainer Battle Medley
  •  Nanairo Button
  •  Mahou no Kissaten
  •  Tokyo Tokkyo Kyo Kyokakyoku Kyokuchou!!
  •  Densetsu no Matsuri
  •  Saitama 2000

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