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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Song of the Week! 19 October 2013

Last month, one of the licensed songs I featured in this corner is doomed to leave the arcade starting next week, so what did I said to myself for today's pick? Screw it, I'll just close the 'doomed' circle of songs with the leftover Anime song!

And about time too; we are finally covering the largest Anime staple for Taiko no Tatsujin!

 La La La Suite Precure (ラ♪ラ♪ラ♪スイートプリキュア♪)
Taiko 0x2 (69)x1 (90)x2 (236)x5 (316)
Taiko 0.5x2 (69)x2 (90)x3 (236)x5 (316)
Taiko Wii 4x2 (69)x2 (90)x3 (236)x6 (316)
 Taiko 0 to S, Taiko Wii 4

Of the four removed songs of Taiko Sorairo, one of them comes from the highly popular anime series Pretty Cure, often abbreviated as 'Precure' (プリキュア). Created in 2004 by the Toei Animation staff collectively known by the pseudonym Izumi Todo (東堂いづみ), the Pretty Cure saga now spans 10 different series with countless movies, crossovers, videogames and manga adaptations, with each series lasting roughly one year each from the beginning and it is still running!

The Pretty Cure series' plot is always focused around groups of Japanese high-school girls, who are granted special items that allow them to transform into legendary warriors known as the Pretty Cure (or Precure). With their new powers and the assistance of some creatures known as 'faeries', the girls fight evil organizations who create monsters to bring chaos and misery to planet Earth, a typically predictable plot for your average Magical Girl anime series. Each Pretty Cure series has several movies and videogames (also related to the previous Precure characters), as well as manga adaptations drawn by Jitsuna and Kitsuna Kamikita, known together as Futago Kamikita (上北ふたご).

For the Suite Precure series (the 8th one), the Precure warriors Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Minamino from Kanon Town have to recover the notes of the Melody of Happiness, scattered from their original place after an evil entity known as Mephisto stole the Legendary Score for composing a melody to cause despair and sorrow.

Taiko no Tatsujin has featured almost every single opening theme from the Pretty Cure saga, with La La La Suite Precure being the eighth one (and the 10th overall). The song is composed by marth and arranged by Kubota Kotaro (久保田光太郎), with the lyrics by Mutsumi Sumiyo (六ツ見純代); these three are behind most of the Precure themes of the various series. The singer is Mayu Kudou (工藤真由), the voice actor of the anime's Faerie Tones in the Japanese version.

As Precure songs go on Taiko, their pattern staples are almost all the same for each tune: easy-to-read 1/16 note patterns with an average BPM value (though Full Throttle Go Go was quite fast for its standards) and some drumrolls/balloon notes along the way, leaving little to no challenge for veterans, but still a good training ground for young players and Oni newbies.

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