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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Song of the Week! 28 September 2013

Future song time! While I'm crafting the last few details of the next UStream feature on this blog, have a taste of what yesterday's live broadcasting session spawned.

  Hurtling Boys Sadakkey Ihcikadas
Allx5 (365)x7 (423)x8 (634)x10 (903)
 Taiko 0 S, Taiko 3DS 2, Taiko Wii U 2, Taiko PS Vita, Taiko +

Being one of the remaining three CreoFUGA songs to be used for next month's Taiko Tournament 2013 finals at NBGI's Future Lab, Hurtling boys is yet another super-fast techno addition to the Namco Original genre. Its Oni notechart was created thanks to the combined efforts of Etou's team and the online viewers of yesterday's Taiko Team live session.

Like every other song from 2013's composing contest, Hurtling boys will have its creator's nickname in the subtitle. In this case, the composer is called Sadakkey (or Sadakichi) Ihcikadas (さだきち イシカダス, yes 'Ihcikadas' is supposed to be spelled that way), another independent composer who is more focused on trance music. For more details about its other works, it's possible to check its Twitter contact of its own website. The final version of the song and chart will be as you see from the stream, with the only change being the song's title, where the capital 'B' in 'Boys' got removed. This naming trend eventually changed after a subtle Taiko arcade update, bringing the capital B back

The song is aggressive and mean in nature, and so is its Oni chart! It's not just mixed 1/16 1/24 long streams the player has to deal with (rivaling that of Nightmare Survivor Ura), there are more misleading threats inherited from Rotter Tarmination like sudden scrolling changes (albeit more gradual), hand-switching and the high speed of 195 BPM. It surely is a fitting gauntlet for the final round of the tournament, being nearly at the top-end of 10* Oni. The video above doesn't show it, but the song's final balloon note needs 40 hits, as suggested by the spectators of the Nicovideo/UStream live session.

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