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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Site announcement: Final site change of the month

Yes I'm a bit late with this one (it's September now), but there is one main difference in the blog, just not visible from the main page. Wanna see what's different? Click the listing for Song of the Week!

Yep, I've turned it into a dropdown menu! This reduces the length of the page (even though the content actually remains the same) so you no longer have to scroll down all the way just to check back on features of previous years! The same goes for the Sort by genre page and the two SongID pages for arcade and console.

I'm planning to turn the Lyrics list page into a dropdown as well, but as of this writing haven't had time to do so yet.

Note: If there are any HTML/Javascript/CSS-savvy people reading this, I kinda need a code to expand/collapse all lists on a single page, instead of one-by-one. Appreciate the help!

And the other thing. As per your suggestions from the chatbox, I've changed the header graphics to be sleeker and look less like clickable buttons.

What do you think? More minimalist this time.

The 'major' change I was hinting at in the previous site announcement post was going to be a big one: mouse-over dropdown menus for the top, leading to useful pages such as the 3 latest arcade and console songlists, a sitemap, and the individual pages of the Beginner Guide, but ultimately it fell short because it was tough to design the lists without repeating links to what we already have on the page. I'll consider implementing it in the future, but with more careful planning and reorganization of how our links to different parts of the site should look like. Oh well! As long as you, our readers, enjoy browsing through the content, that's our job done!

Tonight will be our anniversary edition Made By You, and followed by the answers to the 3rd Anniversary quiz tomorrow morning! I think we have....four participants this time. Thanks for your continued support and here's to another great year!

1 comment:

  1. Whoops, just noticed a scuff on the right end of the new buttons...will fix them soon.