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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Made by You: Raspberry Heart and more

Today's three charts are all from osu!Taiko! If you have some Jiro charts in the wings, just drop us a message with a video link at the usual places (in chat or through the Facebook group would be ideal) and we'll pick it up!

Up there is Raspberry Heart, a classic Bemani song by Junko Karashima (辛島 純子), more popularly referred to as 'jun'. The song is ported to all manner of places within Konami's rhythm sphere but actually started as a song in beatmania IIDX 11 Red. The original song is Japanese but some English versions were made with the vocals by Paula Terry.

The chart is a pretty appropriate 8* Oni that starts out mild with simple clusters and repeating patterns scattered here and there. It's quite modest and authentic, if this song ever hits Taiko no Tatsujin.

Second up, DoReMiFa Rondo, charted by tetsutaro. Not to be confused with the opening song for Tamagotchi, DoReMiFa Sorairo, this is a Vocaloid song by Hatsune Miku, specifically by a producer named 40mP. The song is a march song, upbeat and cheerful, with many characters and a wonderful PV, almost as if you could sing it along with kids. It was composed right after 40mP's wife gave birth to their first child (yep, he's a family man) to celebrate the occasion.

Fitting for a march song, the entire chart is done in 1/12 clusters, but no 1/24 to unnecessarily add difficulty, hence the bouncy 7*Oni difficulty. It leans more towards enjoyment of music than any real challenge, and that's entirely okay.

Remember the Packer feature on Monday? With a song called The Boy Who Could Stop Time (Kaiya mix)? tetsutaro made a chart of the song with the 'mix' part removed, the original piano score of the song. With such a low BPM and few highlighting points to place notes on, it becomes a relaxing, slow and steady 6* with very sparse clusters. That's a really huge contrast to the lively techno and crazy chart we saw earlier this week!

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