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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (28 March 2013): Return of DonChare!

Now that Taiko 0 Sorairo is safely in arcades all over Japan, the usual network shenanigans can now continue, including Donchare and the monthly costume! This month it's all spring themed!

Remember Toryu? The winter dragon song? It had really nice music and was popular as an 8*, and got even more famous during Wii5 when it received one of the most frustrating 9* Ura Oni charts ever known.

But that's beside the point. Since it's spring now, Azu♪ comes back to compose.....a sequel to Toryu! The DonChare song for April 2013 is a brand-new Namco Original, the spring dragon Haryu! (春竜 ~Haryu~)

Listen to the song sample at the official blog!

Azu♪ comes in to make a few comments for Haryu. Where Toryu imitates a tense RPG fight scene, Haryu represents a very cool-sounding spring song full of falling (sakura petals). The speed is also increased to raise the mood. Azu♪ thinks that spring is a very transient season, coming and going quickly, so the song embodies the spirit of the season.

Who knows? We might get another seasonal dragon song another four months from now! This is shaping up to be an interesting series to follow.

As for the costume, it's a console ported costume from Wii, the Student costume.

Which makes sense for Japan, school years end in March (graduation season) and begin in April, which is when the newbies come into school!

That's for April 2013 for Taiko 0 Sorairo, and unlocking both Haryu and the costume are the same method as always; clear 8 goals out of 10+1 group challenge for the song, and simply play once in the month of April 2013 for the costume.

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