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Monday, March 4, 2013

Made by You: Song remixes!

Welcome again! Today's custom chart feature is by our regular contributors again, and with the exception of this first one, are all remixes of existing songs created by fans!

This first composition, made by Packer, is simply titled 'Danger' (skip to 3:09 onwards for the notechart, the first 3 minutes is an overview of Packer's entire original song catalogue). What makes this song difficult to play is not because of any of his usual troll tactics or high BPM, but because of an incredibly unique rhythm, with a 17/4 beat stanza divisor, it rivals Metal Police in terms of complexity, though if you're not the kind of player who follows the metronome strictly it can be slightly easier, except for that one killer stream at the end.

Now to see our remixes! All three are charted by Jia Yi, who has renamed his Youtube channel to Lee Jia Yi Production.

We've seen this song in one of our older features before; it's Luminous by ClariS, the theme song of the first Madoka Magica movie. Now it's given a twist by someone named Shiro-tan (白たん) from the usual happy pop song to a more jaunty Eurobeat song, complete with all the reverse drum sounds you'd expect from something of this genre. 9* Oni with 888 total notes. The remix really helps bring out the flavor of the chart and song!

The next one is a Hatsune Miku song we saw back on Taiko 3DS, Tell Your World. Except this time, it's been sped up and given a total makeover, with lines of lyrics deliberately put on loop to create a new beat, hence the new genre name, J-core. The chart also benefits from the remix, with so many new streams, 1/24 clusters and notes added it'd make the easygoing original (6* Oni at a much slower speed) green with envy, hitting the note limit of 999 and sitting at mid-tier 10* Oni.

Fans of song remixes will have probably come across Nightcore remixes at least once. It's the same song as the original, but with a slight rearrangement, the primary melody/vocals made more high-pitched, and the BPM taken up several notches. It's almost like chipmunk versions of songs, and can be just as annoying, but in this case with the wildly popular Madoka Magica anime theme, Connect (which originally came out on Taiko 0 as a 5* Oni), it sounds quite fitting, and makes for a frantic notechart on Taiko with the especially insane clusters and streams saved for the chorus at the end. Try to master Connect now!

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