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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (13 December 2012) - Taiko PSP DX December 2012 download pack

Today's Taiko Team blog entry is about December 2012's new songs for Taiko PSP DX's download service, the last one for 2012 and, sadly, the last monthly download pack for this game since it came out, one year and five months ago.

We'll discuss this point later on, but for now keep reading and see what downloadable goodies there are this time!


Life is SHOW TIME!

Otemoyan (おてもやん)

【Namco Original】
Shimedore 2000+ (〆ドレー2000+)

Well, this is the final pack, with Shimedore 2000 putting a clear end to monthly downloadable songs. Don't worry if you don't have all the songs though. Every song which is currently available for download will remain in the Playstation Network Store with the exception of the promotional songs like Pastel Dream.

It won't be the end of extra content for PSP DX though, as Namco have said they will be adding more, only not monthly. For now, it is the end for new songs.

But now, on to the pack. Alongside other recent entries from the licensed J-Pop/Anime genres and another console port of the Variety song Otemoyan, the last download pack's Namco Originals offer the latest arcade song from Katsu-Don, junction, and the first console porting of Shimedore 2000+, the extended edition of Shimedore which was previously featured in the 2011 CD soundtrack 'Donderful'. Truly, this is an hell of a way to end this monthly tradition with a bang!

Besides the J-Pop and Anime songs, everything else is completely free! Feeling generous for the Christmas season and also because this is the final pack, Namco are being generally great guys this month. Their release date is set for next Thursday, on December 20th.

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  1. Awww... Too bad that they stop releasing songs monthly. :(


    Shimedore 2000+? O_O

    I wonder what will they fill at the very end part of Kidaruma. Balloon? Drumroll? Or note clusters like mine? XD *daydreaming*

    1. Whatever they decide to fill it with, 1414 combo is no more :P

    2. Oh we don't know that, for one thing they don't need to put a note for the Kidaruma extension.

  2. Who wants to try Shime + Deterame ?
    If i try detarame i'm afraid about the hataraku end part which kill anyone with bordeline gauge...

  3. I have a feeling that Shimedore2000+ is gonna stay on 1414 combo, they are just gonna add a slider at the end or a balloon, or both