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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS demo now on eShop

The demo is up for whoever wants to try it on a Japanese 3DS for free before buying the actual game. The demo focuses on the battles of Story Mode and has you playing O Sole Mio and Kimi ni, Romantic against the enemies. The demo ends after both songs are over and the enemies are defeated. Raruko's fire ability is also in the demo. Super effective!

The above video of the demo in action was provided by Yamilla, who has been kind enough to share her capture recordings with us before, and it seems she's trying out capture recording for the 3DS! For those of you more experienced with the console, you probably already know how difficult capture recording is on Nintendo's new console with the current tools available to the general public due to how different it is. Thanks Yamilla!


  1. Pikaby, just to inform you, I'm a girl (Yamilla is a girl's name, I thought it would be obvious).

    1. Whoops. It really didn't seem that obvious to me lol :P

    2. Just to inform you, there's still one male reference: "Yamilla, who has been kind enough to share **his** capture "