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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taiko 3DS and Taiko 0 rumored new songs

The Taiko 0 rumored songs are from a week ago so I'll post that first. It's supposed to be part of the new songlist for Codename Katsudon but there is no real source for it yet. All we have is this pixelated black and white picture with a few songs named out..

The songs are: Flying Get (AKB48), PON PON PON, Memeshikute, Wonder Land, Bye My Melody, Matryoshka, the Dragon Ball Heroes theme song, and another song the commenter forgot. All except two are either on or highly likely to be for 3DS. Matryoshka can be seen in the black and white picture, shown below. Squint and check out the top left circle next to the screen!

As for the 3DS songs, there's another big list of them with 4gamer as the source. Again, nothing is confirmed until they're officially shown!

As mentioned in the previous 3DS rumor list, O Sole Mio in the Classic genre and Soul Calibur V are here, along with a boatload of new Game Music songs, Wasabi Body Blow from Tekken 3D, Fighter's Honor from Ace Combat 3D (wow all the 3DS game BGMs are coming into play after Venomous), Tales of the Abyss which has been confirmed multiple times, Burning Force Medley and something called Assault BGM1.

In the Namco Originals, there's a 'Kini to Hibiku Harmony', Angel Dream as usual, and something called 'Suuhaa 2000'? Woah there...I'm a bit too shocked by all this to get excited at the moment. That's a lot to take in! Is this stuff for real?