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Changelog (last update 19/01/2019)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Site changelog

19/06/18: SotW feature updates (Xa and HOT LIMIT)

19/06/18: Demo/Promotional Taiko no Tatsujin Releases page updated with the Taiko NSwitch Demo version details
16/06/18: SotW feature updates (All In My Heart and Aka no Senritsu)
07/06/18: Song Series Showcase updates for the NOS SORA (SORA-VII Cygnus Wall) and God Collection (Hinaru Medjed no Hinaru Yuu'utsu) pages
13/05/18: Updates to selected SOTW features (Houou Tenbu Mugen Kuzure; Scream out! -Tatsujin Edit.-)
03/04/18: April Fools '18 Sonority Scouts feature updated (entries for MUSYNC, Rayark games, Syncronica video, Groove Coaster joke NESICA card art)
17/03/18: SotW feature update (POP TEAM EPIC) and Song Series Showcase update for the GMS Tales page (Splatoon 2 Medley)
25/02/18: Song Series Showcase updates for the NOS School Matters (Sotsu Omeshiki Full) and GMS Tales (Tales of Berseria Medley) pages
18/02/18: KAGEKIYO and KAGYUKIYO features moved to Genpei Toma Den GMS

08/12/17: Winter '17 Maintenance (latest song removals for both Taiko 0 Yellow song list pages)
23/08/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement to SotW/Song Series Showcase pages)
20/08/17: NOS page updates for no Ran (Infinite Rebellion) and God Collection (Tsukuyomi)
19/08/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko PS4 and Taiko + pages)
17/08/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to all Taiko Wii U and PS Vita pages)
14/08/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to all Taiko Wii and 3DS pages)
07/08/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to all Taiko PSP and DS pages)
06/08/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to all Taiko PS2 pages)
30/07/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko 0 Murasaki/White/Red pages)
23/07/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko 0 Momoiro/International/Kimidori pages)
12/07/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko 0-0 KD-0 Sorairo pages)
11/07/17: Ranking Dojo List: Yellow ver. and Yellow ver. Gaiden updated to status as of 07/05 update
10/07/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko 12.5-14 and both Taiko 0 Yellow pages)
09/07/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko 7-12 and 11-12 Asia)
07/07/17: Summer '17 Maintenance (video replacement/additions to Taiko 1-6 and Taiko RT arcade pages)
02/07/17: GMS Synchronica page updated (God Ray)
11/06/17: NOS page updates for School Matters (Sotsu Omeshiki 2-ban) and God Collection (8OROCHI Ura; Geki-un! Shichifuku Happy Crew)
04/06/17: Ranking Dojo List: Yellow ver. created and Yellow ver. Gaiden updated
12/05/17: GMS Taito page updated (OLGA BREEZE; notecount details)
3/05/17: Minor fixes to the GMS Nintendo Medleys page
2/05/17: NOS Angel Dream and Butou pages updated, Nintendo-related songs in GMS General Medley page relocated to GMS Nintendo Medley page
22/03/17: NOS God Collection page updated (8OROCHI; notecount details)
01/03/17: GMS Taito Songs page updated (artists info)
01/02/17: Don Challenge List: February 2017 created. Ranking Dojo List: Ranking Dojo Gaiden updated for 01/31 update.
03/01/17: Don Challenge List: January 2017 created

28/12/16: General Medleys and Pokemon Medleys series updated (new songs)
16/12/16: Ranking Dojo List: Ranking Dojo Gaiden skeletal updates for 12/20 update and jump links
5/12/16: Don Challenge List: December 2016 created
1/12/16: Garyoutensei Song Series Showcase page renamed to Butou Songs.
9/11/16: Im@s ONE FOR ALL page of the Im@s Jumbo Corner updated (inclusion of the new Red Ver. songs)
8/11/16: School Matters and God Collection series updated (inclusion of Gasshou Stabofe! and Chain Chronicle Total War Medley).
3/11/16: Don Challenge List: November 2016 created
25/9/16: In the same vein with the DonChare List revamp, we are also splitting the Ranking Dojo lists by version instead of all together in one post. We have went ahead and started a separate Red ver. Ranking Dojo List first.
18/9/16: Added Sympho-Neighbours sub-section for the Other page.
17/9/16: Tekken series updated (inclusion of Abandoned Temple Final 2nd).
16/9/16: School Matters and God Collection series updated (inclusion of Houkago☆Magician and VICTORIA).
13/9/16: In an experimental DonChare List revamp we will split the DonChare goals into separate pages by month (September 2016's is here, in particular) instead of by firmware. Hopefully this change makes it smoother for you to read as much as it has made it smoother for us to edit.
23/8/16: Rewards Shop/Titles/Title Parts pages added to Red Version; updated the Dojo Ranking page with the early Red Version Dojo Ranking data.
1/4/2016: June DonChare goals and Mika Series updated.
24/4/2016: Dojo Ranking pages for White Version (Japanese and Asian) updated.
1/4/2016: April DonChare goals updated.
1/3/2016: March DonChare goals updated.
14/2/2016: Updated 2000/de/SORA song series; updated Phoenix, Theremin Rhapsody, Nightmare Survivor (SotW)
2/2/2016: February DonChare goals updated.
24/1/2016: Behind the Drums: Akitaka Tohyama updated: moving Must Songs inclusions into Game Music.

27/12/2015: Jumbo Brand Corners added to Song Series Showcase; updated Vocaloid Corner voiced, added Idolm@ster Corner entries (1st Generation only).
1/12/2015: Song Series Showcase layout/wording updated; Season Dragon/General Medley/Ridge Racer/Taito/Classic Medley series updated
2/11/15: November DonChare goals updated.
6/10/15: de and Beethoven Series housekeeping and fixing missing videos.
5/10/15: Ridge Racer Series housekeeping and fixing missing videos.
1/10/15: October DonChare goals updated.
2/8/15: August DonChare goals updated.
11/5/15: Updated Taiko Promotional Songs list (3rd gen arcades) page
17/2/15: Pokemon Medley Series and Monster Hunter Medley series are split from Medley Series. KAGEKIYO and KAGYUKIYO added to Medley Series
25/1/15: Updated Taiko 3DS 2 Boss Battle page with the DLC extra Boss fights
18/1/15: Songlist updated for the 'Promotional Songs in Taiko Arcades (3rd Generation)' page
2/1/15: Added Deathstream 101 / Notechart Analysis features in the 'Others' page
1/1/15: Completed December 2014's scheduled 'Others' page update (SongID, Artists, Livestreams)

1/10/14: Added October 2014 DonChare goals to Kimidori DonChare List
24/8/14: Fixing romanization of 自営山 / Jesahm hereherehere and here.
10/7/14: Fixed Table of Contents coding for Medley Series
21/6/14: Fixed Table of Contents coding for Ridge Racer Series
19/6/14: Soul Calibur Series fixes: Replaced Soul Calibur IV video, Filled in missing notecounts, Cleared excess coding in Table of Contents
1/6/14: Added June 2014 DonChare goals to Momoiro DonChare List
10/4/14: Song title correction: Kagerou Days → Kagerou Daze (AC0M). Source: Kagerou Daze Official Visual Fanbook Reverted until further evidence
27/2/14: Updated Taiko Momoiro's Dojo Ranking to show Gold Clear conditions (Sorairo coming soon). Added international Taiko no Tatsujin Momoiro to main arcade page.

22/12/13: Fixed broken video link for Zero no Nocturne
18/12/13: Updated Taiko no Tatsujin Momoiro Version unlock list with all costumes and Taiko sounds
29/10/13: Separated deleted songs in Taiko no Tatsujin Sorairo Version into their own list
17/10/13: Song title correction: 'Obage no Oshigoto' changed to 'Obake no Oshigoto'
28/9/13: Fixed broken video link for Kimi no Akari, updated Kimi no Akari's Song of the Week page
27/9/13: Fixed broken video links for Sanpo and Sanpo (Ura), fixed all back links in console Taiko songlists.
12/9/13: Song title correction: 'Ninja Re Bang Bang' changed to 'Ninjyary Bang Bang'
1/9/13: Song title correction: 'Nanori (Tenjyou)' changed to 'Nanori (Tenjou)'
30/8/13: Added the September/October 2013 wallpaper to the Downloads page
21/7/13: Added Sorairo Dojo Ranking list
16/7/13: Added IA to Special Dancers list
11/7/13: Added the opening video of Tako no Tatsujin Sorairo version to the related songlist page
4/7/13: Added the July/August 2013 wallpaper to the Downloads page
23/6/13: Updated the Sorairo Version Unlock and Title pages
15/6/13: SORA-VI Hinotori added to song series
4/6/13: Song title correction: 'Jobairo' (AC8) changed to 'Yo Bailo'
1/5/13: Changed table color for Vocaloid Corner pages
25/4/13: Added the May/June 2013 wallpaper to the Downloads page
26/3/13: Song title correction: 'La La La Sweet Precure' changed to 'La La La Suite Precure', 'Everyday, Kachusha' changed to 'Everyday, Katyusha', updated iOS song list and update list
22/3/13: Changed the changelog, it now has its own page like you see here! Back button below for convenience.
12/3/13: Revised Taiko Guiness Hall, added new sections, added HQ video for Maou no Showtime, Amanda, An American in Paris and Wasabi Body Blow (Taiko 3DS)
9/3/13: Song title correction: 'Kokoro Mawagase' changed to 'Kokoro Korogase', Vocaloid icon takes effect in Song of the Week listing, soundtrack album listing, lyrics listing and SongID pages.
6/3/13: Added the March/April 2013 wallpaper to the Downloads page
4/3/13: Added Kage no Densetsu to Taito song series

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