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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (8 March 2012)- CreoFUGA song contest results

The song-making contest organized by both Namco and CreoFUGA was a massive success, drawing in over 500 entries, which means more than 500 songs were made! But, only 8 of them made the cut. Click 'Read More' to see which songs won.

You can see the results here on CreoFUGA's website. The songs that made it were:

Instrumental (Original composition)
3piece-Jazz Party!, by Mikhail (ミハイル)
Mukashi Mukashi, Tooki Kuni no Ou-sama wa (昔むかし、遠き国の王様は), by Ryuitti (リューイッティ)
DIMENSION- Progre Rock (DIMENSION - プログレロック), by DUNKEL

Vocals (Original composition)
Dokidoki Mune Kyun Omatsuri Time (ドキドキ胸きゅん おまつりタイム), by MOES
Hanaoto Ura Hyoushi (花オト裏拍子), by Harunaba (はるなば)
Mune ga Dokidoki! Koi no Shohousen! (ムネがどきどき!恋の処方箋!), by bona
20111218_2mix (obviously composed on 18 December 2011?), by Taro Suzuki (pseudonym) (スズキタロウ)

Instrumental (Namco song remix)

Vocals (Namco song remix)
RAGE v. self, by Joe [F-Lives]

As promised, all eight will be available at some point for download on Taiko PSP DX, and there will be interviews of the eight winners on the official Taiko blog as well. Look out for them!

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  1. So... no preview for the winning songs?

    1. Nope.avi
      There used to be previews on the iOS version of the site during the first couple of days,then they noticed and took the previews down

      It's stupid if you ask me,so many submissions and we can't listen to them at all QAQ

    2. I remembered those previews. So they actually took them down sometime afterwards? sadfaec.jpg

  2. There will be previews, but only after they're announced for PSP DX orz