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Sunday, December 18, 2011

User World War signups start now!

The biggest inter-forum game of Hurt n' Heal is now on! Taiko Time members versus Nintendo 5 Star members! (another forum which I manage). It's basically like this; everyone who joins get 2 lives, some HP and a whole arsenal of weapons and special abilities to choose from and attack other users with. There's a cash system and terrain system and other cool stuff. All organized by the wonderfully mad CRAZ1ah of Nintendo 5-Star!

Sound fun? We need team players for the Taiko Time army, 10 of them. 5 spots have already been filled and the remaining five are open. If you're a Taiko Time forum member, just sign up at the Event Hall and you're in! If you're not a forum member, just register yourself there, get a username and go to this topic to place your name. Hurry, signups close on December 23rd!

For more information about User World War, you can either contact CRAZ1ah on the forum or read this topic. Have fun!

Oh, me? Depending on the circumstances I could be on either side, but I'm probably going to be on Nintendo 5-Star. Everyone can attack everybody anyway, it's not a strict team battle, lol.

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