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Friday, December 16, 2011

Taiko 0 unlock list

The full order in which everything is unlocked cannot be confirmed yet as a full set of notes weren't made and different players seemed to get different results, however these are, so far, all the unlockables to be found in Taiko 0.

All unlockables are limited to Banapassport users only.

Don Point unlocks
A set of 45 unlockable songs, costumes and Taiko Sounds obtained by filling the Don Point meter, available from the beginning of Taiko 0's release. 3000 points unlocks something new, and the counter caps at 135000 points.

Pastel Dream (パステル ドリーム)
Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro (虹色・夢色・太鼓色)
Taiko Love! (太鼓ラブ!)
Samba Alegria (サンバ アレグリーア)
Samba Alegria (サンバ アレグリーア)
Growing Up
Hey, Mr. Professor (ヘイ,ミスタープロフェッサー)
Tanpou ~Blooming~ (綻放 ~Blooming~)
Reviver (リバイバー)
Omoi o Te ni Negai o Komete (想いを手に願いを込めて)
Zastohl no Madousho (ザストゥールの魔導書)
Alborada del Gracioso (道化師の朝の歌)
Wanya World (わんにゃーワールド)
Dodon ga Don (ドドンガド~ン)
Dodon ga Don (ドドンガド~ン)
Hayabusa (隼)
Marble Heart (マーブルハート)
The Magician's Dream

*note: All Uras are unlocked together with their corresponding songs

Festival (お祭りハッピ)
Shrine (おみこし)
Sweets (スイーツ)
Cat and Coin (ねこと杓子)
Soccer Ball (サッカーボール)
White Bear (しろくま)
Big Ribbon (ビッグリボン)
Stag Beetle(カブトムシ)
Helicopter (ヘリコプター)
Bouquet (ブーケ)
Strawberry (いちご)
Submarine (せんすいかん)
Pirate (かいぞく)
Tiger (とら)
Spaceship (うちゅうひこうし)
Red Snapper (めでタイ)
Heavy Metal (ヘビメタ)
Fortune Cat (まねきねこ)
Gold Don (ゴールドン)
Black Taiko (黒太鼓)      

Taiko Sounds
Festival (お祭り)
Tambourine (タンバリン)
Cat and Dog (いぬねこ)
Drum (ドラム)
Gorgeous Taiko (豪華な太鼓)

Title unlocks
Obtained by earning specific achievements on Taiko, available after the title system was introduced on firmware 3.13 of Taiko 0.

  Haya Saitama 2000 (はやさいたま2000) - Play only Saitama 2000 with any speed modifier turned on in a single credit. At least one attempt must be a full combo.
Kita Saitama 200 (きたさいたま200) - Play only Kita Saitama 2000 in a single credit
The Carnivorous Carnival - Full Combo Taiko Time Ura with the Detarame mod (=Random Notes) turned on

Muse Police C (ミューズポリスC) - Clear Extreme MGG★★★ on any difficulty once
Muse Police M (ミューズポリスM) - Clear Music Revolver on any difficulty once

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