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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Song of the Week! 10 December 2011

Time to offer something different... Today I'm going to review one of the C-Pop exclusives from the Asian arcades!

Lian Ai ING (戀愛ing) Mayday
Allx4 (121)x5 (192) x6 (353)x9 (580/434/383)
Taiko 11 Asian, 12 Asian

Lian Ai ING is one of the three songs of the Taiwanese alternative rock group Mayday ('五月天' in Chinese) included in Taiko 11 ans 12 Asia. Similar to how Whiteberry started out, Mayday was formed from a group of five schoolmates: Ashin (阿信) is the vocalist, Monster (怪獸) and Stone (石頭) at the guitars, Masa (瑪莎) at the bass and Guan You (冠佑) at the drums. But unlike the Japanese female band, this 90's band is still in activity and enjoys continued popularity in their native Taiwan. The names listed are just the aliases they use while performing, their real names and more detailed profiles can be found here.

The song we're talking about today comes from their compilation album Just My Pride (知足), released in August 2005. Its punny title mixes the Chinese phrase Lian Ai (meaning love) and the suffix -ing in English.

C-Pop has never found a place in the main Japanese machines (even if foreign language songs are all classified under Variety), and this loss is more than just another speedy track: its unusually high BPM for a licensed song is quite a wasted potential. 197 BPM isn't easy to keep up with especially with lots of clusters in the song.


  1. Ah, one of the exclusive songs that's on the machine I play. Quite a lot of my favourite Chinese songs are on Taiko, actually...

  2. Didn't expect this as SOTW lol. Requesting Hikari no Kanata e as SOTW (And if possible, pair it with Waruru sama no Uta o Kike)

  3. @Saturn: Lok has been planning that for a long time already