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Monday, December 12, 2011

Random: How things are unlocked in Taiko 0

Before the game ends (and so before the overall performance is displayed), the Don Point counter is filled up based on how much you fill the Tamashii Gauge in a song, the maximum is 500 per song. You level up after every 3000 points you get (equivalent to clearing 6 songs if you can fill all the Tamashii Gauges to the max), and each time you do so something will be unlocked, and they can be either  a new Taiko sound, a costume or a secret song! You can also wear the costumes the moment you unlock them instead of having to wait for the next play.

What happens after the player has unlocked everything there is to offer then? Yes, there is an upper limit, which is why we haven't seen any other new songs on Taiko 0 after Marble Heart.

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