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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dadakko Monster lyrics

Vocal: Chata (茶太)
Composer: mirawi (みらゐ)


私は一児の母で (watashi wa ichiji no haha de)
共稼ぎにも慣れてきた頃 (tomokasegi ni mo naretekita koro)

うちの王子は保育園 (uchi no ouji wa hoikuen)
最近妙にワガママばかりで困ってます (saikin myou ni wagamama bakari de komattemasu)

利かん坊で拗ねたり泣いたり (kikanbou de sunetari naitari)
思い通りに行かないと すぐに泣き出してわめく (omoi toori ni ikanai to sugu ni nakidashite wameku)

わたしの余裕がないとき こっちまでイライラしちゃう (watashi no yoyuu ga nai toki kocchi made iraira shichau)
いい加減にしてよねっ!(ii kaken ni shiteyo ne!)

オモチャも友達に貸さずに (omocha mo tomodachi ni kasazu ni)
取wらwなwいwで!と怒ります (toranaide! to nokorimasu)

誰も取らないっていうのに (dare mo toranaitte iu no ni)

わたしが叱るとポコポコと叩いてくる! (watashi ga shikaru to pokopoko to tataite kuru!)
ノーダメージですが? (no damage desuga?)

パパと3人で出かけたら いますぐ抱っこ抱っこ (papa to san nin de dekaketara imasugu dakko dakko)
ケーキ食べると言っといて買ったら (cake taberu to ittoite kattara)
「ジュースのがいい」 ('juice no ga ii')

ママはもうヘトヘトよ (mama wa mou hetoheto yo)
駄々っ子モンスター (dadakko monster)

English translation

I am a mother with one child
Living together with my husband as a family and getting used to it

The nursery is the prince of the house
He (my child) is becoming a bit selfish lately, it's difficult (taking care of him/her)

The little brat, sulks and cries all the time
as soon as something doesn't go his way

I don't have any more free time and getting quite irritated
I'll just make the most of it!

Even when he borrows toys from friends
'Why can't I have it!' he gets angry

No one can just take it

If I scold him, he hits me with his hands!
No damage?

If we go out together with Papa, 3 people, immediately he always wants me to carry him
And always demands cake to eat
'Juice would be nice too'

Mama is really tired
with this monster of a spoiled brat

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  1. See I was trying to explain to my friends that this was an angry song

    No one believed me

    At least I know have concrete proof ffs lol thanks for this

  2. How can this not be an angry song with that title?
    Even if I don't know enough Japanese, just looking up the title on the dictionary is a dead giveaway.

  3. It just sounds deceptively upbeat and cheerful for some reason. lol

  4. This song = an emo mother's song XDDD