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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

First Video: Nijiiro Version's Ranking-Dojo-Day Song Newcomers

Today's new son g quartet is above us! While the latest Super Sentai OP is right above your eyes, venture beyond the jump in order to see video footage of the remaining three songs.

Nijiiro ver. New Songs: June 30 2020

ANMashin Sentai Kiramager

GVSynchronica Airlines Taku Inoue/Synchronica
/Taku Inoue 「シンクロニカ」より

NOmemoria ficta

NOAi Nandaze

The latest Synchronica song ported to Taiko game due to the related posthumous anniversary occasion is a gauntlet where long clusters and intertwining cluster tempo changes go hand-to-hand with some slight scrolling speed adjustments for a Full Combo challenge that is anything but a safe landing!

Also from Taku Inoue is this original song, which the artist himself novered on Twitter as his very last track he made before leaving Bandai Namco, back in 2018 (link). Physical prowess is a more taxing factor for this song's Oni mode, but mind that very last passage with the same caution as the rest!

Closing today's circle is a song of many feats: the 2nd commissioned work from former-contest-winner Versus (and not even a month after his last one!), the first full-instrumental from the artist and one of the Nijiiro Version's 10-Dan songs. It's also another exceedingly brutal speed demon with killer handswitching long clusters near the beginning, too!

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