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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sonority Scouts - A Guns-Blazing Otoge Collab Next Door

The Taiko series has been more than often involved in mobile gaming collaborations of all sorts, from gacha games like Puzzle & Dragons/Chain Chronicle to even other mobile music games, both in-house and from other publishers. While the series isn't particularly active with such four-hands efforts as of late, another music game is parading with one paricular collaboration once again, and for the first time involving Western mobile players...

Mica-Team's strategic mobile game Girls Frontline has had a one-time collaboration event with Neowiz MUCA's DJMax franchise about one year ago, and now such event is open for the mobile game's Western-player server to enjoy! Not only characters and elements from both series will intertwine in a special story scenario, but it'll also be possible to recruit characters from the Korean music game as powerful allies for your own combat echelons. Hell, deploying one partucular character in your team while facing certain boss threats in the event stages will actually trigger a DJMax-affine music gaming experence, with a selection of some of the series' most popular picks!

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