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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Twitter Snippets (March 24th, 2020) - The Bakumatsu-Heated Album Announcement

Not even one full day has passed since the release of Bakumatsu Ishintan -the latest song from INSPION's Daisuke Kurosawa and Masahiro 'GODSPEED' Aoki- and here we are, not only with a long version announcement for it, but also the other two Taiko-fueled collab pieces before it as well, Dairokuten Maou and Tenka Touitsu Roku!

All three tracks, alongside the song GIGA GRIVE from Chunithm and several brand new tracks will be featured in the artist's third album, BLACK ALBUM 3, available for purchase from May 6th.

Source (BLACK ALBUM 3 product page)

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