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Thursday, February 28, 2019

[NSwitch] - A Glimpse to the Future with the Vocaloid Pack Vol.2


Next Thursday, on March 7th, the Nintendo Switch Taiko game is about to receive another paid Vocaloid DLC pack, starring one never-heard-before track with a particular modern Vocaloid voice bank...

This 5-song pack, in fact, will also be the first to include a song from Mirai Komachi (ミライ小町), the VOCALOID made by Bandai Namco itself last year. She will also be included as a Performance Character, bearing the Spirit Gauge Easier to Fill Lv.1 and Drumroll Note Support Lv.2 skills.

Dance Robot Dance NayutalieN feat. Hatsune Miku/#C.O.M.P.A.S.S.
ダンスロボットダンス/ナユタン星人 feat.初音ミク
Roku-chounen to Ichiya Monogatari
六兆年と一夜物語/kemu feat. IA
Happy Synthesizer
Wan-Nya World
  feat. Kagamine Rin/Kagamine Len starring Shimoda Asami
わんにゃーワールド/feat.鏡音リン・鏡音レン starring 下田麻美
Mirai feat. Mirai Komachi
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

First Video: Donder Pack Vol.17 Newbies and iMarine Arcade Surprise

Dive to Blue Tamaya 2060%/iMarine (CV: Aya Uchida)/iMarine Project
  玉屋2060% アイマリン(CV:内田彩)

Winding Road Golden Kamuy


New songs are approaching the latest Taiko games, but before taking a look at the new console additions we have to dive to Blue (har har har) Version first, as the soon-ending firmware build has received a surprise song addition from the iMarine media project... one that was already part of Bandai Namco's Synchronica song list, no less (link)! Enjoy the pluri-star jump from KFM modes to Oni, where proper handswitch skills are the key to reach its end.

See you after the jump for the latest PS4 DLC pack's new songs!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

[PS4-1] Taiko Ranked Match Event: Don/Katsu Birthday Fest

太鼓ランクマッチイベント「どんかつ お誕生日フェス」

Here's a thing that we or the Taiko Team never really shoved down Donders' throats: that March 3 is the canonical birthday of our beloved drum brothers Don and Katsu Wada (counting the day that the spirits possessed the drums, similar to what you see in Wii1). It is just right there at the character intro section of the latest series portal website.

This year though, the birthday occasion is taking center stage with a brand new Taiko Ranked Match Event titled Don/Katsu Birthday Fest (どんかつ お誕生日フェス) between March 1 through 12 (starts/ends at 18:00 JPT). Like previous events, you can score a free new song for your song list by gathering Fest Points through Ranked Matches. The song choice does give us second thoughts about the notecharts and ratings because remember the Wii-exclusive Giant Note?

Dokidoki☆Don-chan Sawagi

TitleFest Points
Title: The Birthday Begins!
Greeting: Gimme Presents
Head+Body: Unicorn
Dokidoki☆Don-chan Sawagi
Head+Body: Stuffed Toy
Title: Don/Katsu Birthday Fest Master
どんかつ お誕生日フェスの達人
Don Koban ×5
ドン小判 5枚
Every 30

Across Japan (February 20 2019): Missed Improvements for Asia (Blue ver. Asia Feb 25 Update)

Before all, we must deliver our apologies for missing the post about the February 25 update for Taiko no Tatsujin Blue ver. Asia ver. No fault from the official Asia ver. Facebook fan page as they announced this 5 days earlier (yay for 400% improvement!). Here's the late but quick skinny for what Asian Donders can enjoy at least until Green ver. hits:

Blue ver. Asia ver. Update Song Additions: February 25 2019

Tenka Touitsu Roku Daisuke Kurosawa x Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki
天下統一録/黒沢ダイスケ × Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki
Youthful Coaster U-ske feat. Natsu Kazura
ユースフルコースター/U-ske feat.かずらなつ

Looks like they know how the leak for GO GET'EM last month has had Asian Donders go crazy (for about a week), so this time they only say "one new song to be released later". Stay tuned to the official @taiko_team Twitter and/or us when it drops.

Other Additions/Changes We Already Knew
  • Performance Battle new stage: Ultimate Land (and all related story and deathblow additions)
  • New rewards and titles for meeting specific conditions (NB. "Titles" is very explicitly mentioned here, but you all know what happens with those, right? #hirobanai)

Monday, February 25, 2019

Mitsusegawa Ranbu Lyrics

Composition: Hisui (翡翠)
Lyrics: Yuuko Ueda (上田ゆう子)
  Ryuuteki: Hisui
  Guitar: Masato Fukuda (福田正人)
Vocals: taka-c, Takuya Otegawa (小手川拓也), Hisui

Addendum (2019/02/25): Fixed with OST Katanuki lyrics

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Song of the Week! 23 February 2019

Continuing from last week's sob-story, today we're talking about the last of the 5 perma-deleted songs of the incoming Green Version launch day, as well as including a sneak peek at one of the new tracks that said firmare is going to receive on the same day.

Friday, February 22, 2019

[PS4/NSwitch - West] - Keeping Up With the Taikos, US Edition

As we're ending yet another newsless week on the Taiko side, here's a disclaimer from us about what we can usually gather about the DLC situation up until this ending month for the US versions of the home console Taiko titles.

In comparison to the EU versions, sadly, there's not that much of a big deal about Taiko-related DLC communications to share on Bandai Namco social media platforms, unlike what the European branches of the very same company are still continuing to do. For that reason, we can only rely on video footage from other players to see if other DLCs have been released, until we gear ourselves of the consoles required for the respective games to scout the song DLCs available in the games. In the case of the PS4 game, for example, there's no DLC pack deal unlike the JP/EU versions, meaning that you'll have to browse the in-game DLC song list to see which songs are available and when.

Given the timely release of additional content with the General Asia Taiko games on both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch games, we are sorry to state that we won't be properly able to scout any timely changes for the US versions as they pop up; unless proper notifications/Youtube videos will appear online to confirm the DLC content like the one above (and considering the positive precedent of extra songs appearing at the same time as the General Asia versions), we'll give it a given that the PS4/NS DLC contents and release dates will match the ones on US ones, with the exceptions of the Donder Pack pre-purchase bonuses (Infinite Rebellion, Taiko Drum Monster and Dangan Notes) and the Corocoro 40th Anniversary Song.

Let's hope that the official public Bandai Namco feeds in the US are more lively, in the future...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Song of the Week! 16 February 2019


The date is set for the next arcade firmware's coming, and so are we with our usual 'Road to the Next Arcade Version' series of features!

As usual, the songs that will be forever lost for the official series' playable state will take the highest priority here. Or at least, for the time being, some of them...

First Video: Youthful Coaster

Youthful Coaster U-ske feat. Natsu Kazura
ユースフルコースター/U-ske feat.かずらなつ

One of the last additions for the concluding Blue ver. is the bubbly peppy vocal track. Please expect no relation to Yumeiro Coaster... for now. While having 24th and offbeats peppered throughout, the only stand on the last difficulty star is the high base speed; it could have been just a moderate ★8 if slowed by as little as 10%.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Twitter Snippets (30 January 2019) - Tenka Touitsu Roku's Official MV

The other long-time trivia we failed to deliver on a timely manner is the release of the official music video for the latest INSPION-powered song, advertised by the same sound company's social media pages during the end of the last month.

Just like with Dairokuten Maou before it, INSPION is leaving the song's stem data for anyone to rearrange in its own way, given that the final result/s won't be used for commercial-related means. Hop over this page to download it, if you're interested!

[PS4/NSwitch - West] - Keeping Up With the Taikos, EU Edition

As slow-news-day as these past weeks have been, there have been some bits of news we failed to document in a more timely manner, including the European DLC situation for Taiko games. We're picking up the slack today, while also including some more recent news from yesterday!

Twitter Snippets (15 February 2019) - New NO For Blue Ver.

Yesterday's news for the coming of Green Version doesn't mean that the ongoing firmware color has drawn its last breath yet! In today's tweet reveal from the official account, we happen to know that the brand-new Namco Original Youthful Coaster (ユースフルコースター) will make its debut tomorrow for everyone to enjoy. See the embeded video in the tweet for its preview clip!

See you again twice more today, as we have quite a news backlog we have to report back...

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Namco Taiko Blog (14 February 2019) - The Road to Green Version

Green Version's (up-until-now) mystery release day is drawing closer, asking the aid of a new official blog entry to tell people what will and will not be carried out in the next arcade firmware release.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Song of the Week! 9 February 2019

With yesterday's official Taiko blog entry, the games' team has officially ruled out the last of the 'Taiko Sisters' on the PR side... quite regrettable, considering how many songs in the franchise's legacy have included sisterly bonds in some way or another.

Here's one these for today's feature!