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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

First Video: Game Version V.8.06's New Songs


Toki o Matou Yo-kai Watch Shadowside
時を待とう/「妖怪ウォッチ シャドウサイド」より

DANZEN! Futari wa PreCure ~Yuiitsumuni no Hikari-tachi~ HUGtto! PreCure♡Futari wa PreCure: All Stars Memories
DANZEN! ふたりはプリキュア~唯一無二の光たち~
「映画HUGっと!プリキュア♡ふたりはプリキュア オールスターズメモリーズ」より
EterNal Ring

Toon Town's Toys' Tune

Marukute Hayakute Susamajii Rhythm Risshuu feat. Choco
まるくてはやくてすさまじいリズム/立秋 feat.ちょこ

  Jun Kuroda

Dairokuten Maou Daisuke Kurosawa x Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki
第六天魔王/黒沢ダイスケ x Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki


Today there's quite a colorful ensemble of song newcomers, so let's get right into it! (...also, is it me or there's one more from last week's reveal?..,.)

It's Synchronicity... but it's not the one from Synchronica again! The soon-to-be-PS4-DLC J-Pop pick of the day sports a lot of returning note patterns from former tracks/archetypes for the genre, while flowing at an avertagely-sped pace throughout the whole run.

Here's a new sight to behold: a Yokai Watch-related tune without any custom dancers! It's also on par with your average song from the series' slightly-harder-than-average difficulty range, with some off-timing beats at the beginning and stamina-unfriendly note patterns for your usual 6* Oni fare.

For today's blast from the past, here's the third version of the very first PreCure opening theme, now playable in two different Oni patterns. The Ura Oni is straight-up just recycling the notechart of the original version way back in AC6. The regular Oni lands a more modern interpretation to follow the instrumental/chorals instead of just the lead singer's voice.

Now in comes the 10-star Namco Original Oni barrage of the day! Created by someone whose nickname is the Italian word for 'museum', EteRnal Ring lures daring players into a 10-star Oni challenge primarily made of changing tempo charting and note density, making even the most readable patterns a sweat to go through, be it between the early spikes or the many different long clusters.

(..a-and bear in mind, this is just the beginning of today's wild ride!)

Our next pick is a peppy tune which tempts me to make corny 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' jokes, but I digress. Toon Town's Toys' Tune's ten-fold trial (say that three times fast) pits players in a scenario where the enhanced scrolling speed of former Namco Originals like Yuugen no Ran are commonplace, with readable patterns whose sudden note density bursts might cost one error too many along the way to completion. Watch out for the end, too!

Ever wondered what sould come out by merging together the Ura Oni charts for Ridge Racer, Taiko Time Ura and (to a lesser extent) Rotter Tarmination with 1/24 cluster spikes? The freshly-released Marukute Hayakute Susamajii Rhythm seems to be here just to say 'You're welcome!' to that inquiry. Enough said...

In today's game of '10-Star Oni Difficulty one-uppance', Jun Kuroda's Coquette offers a more brutal, stamina-unfriendly pattern challenge where the notecharts more than often links together with the scrolling speed-enhancing portions a-la Hayabusa, only... you know, with note patterns more complex than a simple Don note stream...

...the thing is,... however, ... that this isn't even this update's final form

With the final Blue Version main Ranking Dojo trials being filled with the newcoming 10-star Oni demons showcased earlier, the Tatsujin curse's final song is a never-heard-before hellish trial, performed by Daisuke Kurosawa and Taiko-debut Masahiro Aoki for the most daring of arcade goers!

While we decide on whether song series Dairokuten Maou is going to be classed, one thing's for sure: a new Yuugen no Ran-tier contender is born! Watch the notechart for yourself and see if such claim can be shared...

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