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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Song of the Week! 6 October 2018

For our latest feature themed after the shortly-ending Golden Week of mainland Chinese customs, let's set sail to yet another Anime series we've taken quite an extensive look in the past.

Something that, however, did not please the copyright-holder overlords, back in the day...

 Ikari o Kure yo (怒りをくれよ) One Piece Film Gold
Allx3 (109)x5 (178)x6 (289)x6 (390)
 Taiko 0 R, Taiko 3DS 3, Taiko +

During this blog's very first years, as you may know, we've also made some song series showcases that were centered around specific Anime series and/or movies, with the One Piece page being one of the very first for the yellow-labeled song genre in Taiko gaming. After a few years, we've been forced to take the original posts down due to a copyright-strike-alike issue, but hopefully that won't happen for features like today's that happen once in a while... After all, due to the golden connection between this song's source material and the Golden Week, how could I let this chance slip again?

Unlike all the One Piece songs that were previously ported into Taiko gaming, Ikari o Kure yo (lit. 'Give Me Anger') is the first track coming from a One Piece movie as opposed to the long-running Anime adaptation of mangaka Eichiiro Oda (尾田 栄一郎)'s most popular opus. Released on July 2016, One Piece Film Gold (ワンピースフィルムゴールド) is the series' 13th movie, telling the adventure of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in the entertainment city-ship of Gran Tesoro, whose owner is rumored to possess a fifth of the world's wealth. Curiously enough, this movie made its theatrical debut on July 15th at Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace hotel, with Japan having its first screenings 8 days later. Earning about 85 million dollars between the US and Japan, the One Piece Film Gold had the biggest 3-day box office total in China out of any other film in 2016, grossing a little over 105 million Chinese Yen.

One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda is, among other things, a big fan of the Japanese rock band Glim Spanky (グリムスパンキー); for that reason, he personally tasked the Nagano unit to create a theme song for the movie. The staff members asked for a song that would give to the audience the idea of 'battling Luffy' without sounding like one of the usual songs from the One Piece anime's score; after rejecting Glim Spanky's first song proposals and asking for something that sounds more "unrefined" and "Iggy Pop-ish", the song that would later become Ikari o Kure yo was finally pinpointed as the chosen one.

This is one Anime songs like many on Taiko, with its 6-star Oni mode being a beginner-friendly notechart blend between special notes and mono-color cluster sequences that can be easily approached at the song's pace. What really makes Ikari o Kure yo differenty from the formerly-released One Piece songs, however, is that this has become the very first song at the center of an actual Taiko x One Piece collaboration event, handing out to arcade Banapassport players special titles by playing the song, as well as a particular Kigurumi outfit part with the Straw Hat pirates' captain himself riding your Taiko drum character!

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