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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Song of the Week! 30 June 2018

The Summer season has just begun, with some promising title releases for the Japanese music gaming scene coming in a few weeks for now! Have a double feature to celebrate such a heated climate.

Friday, June 29, 2018

[Plus/STH] - Gakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds for June 29 2018

TFW Deadwantsha from the Discord is catching almost the news as they happen and we are just doing the formatting and writing to bring them to you (thanks buddy).

Gakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: June 29 2018

Noushou Sakuretsu Girl rerulili
Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture Mikhail Glinka
Mitsusegawa Ranbu

Twitter Snippets (29 June 2018) - Accidental Song Leaks from the Staff

In the past few hours, a peculiar episode has occurred in the Youtube channel management of Taiko-related content in the official Bandai Namco channel: a couple of mistakes that -while being retconned as of now- have not been lost forever due to the diligent reporting of people over the Internet (such as is the case of the tweet embeded above).

With the apparent intention of posting on Youtube the full playable cuts of the Blue Ver. Summer Rewards Shop songs, preview clips for two brand-new Namco Original tracks have been published instead, with their respective release date being added in the respective videos' Description box. That's some Lokamp-tier chain of mistakes right there, amirite?

The previews of the two new songs have been re-uploaded by other users after the incident, complete of their release date, with embeds available after the jump.

Amazon Leak Double Whammy: Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack Kaki-goori and Watagashi

Searching Amazon listings gives us more preview leaks for the eight-soundtrack project from City Connection/Clarice Disc once again, and it's even a double whammy this time:
  • Kaki-goori (かきごおり, lit. shaved ice) on July 25 with a 32-track lineup with "ultra cool and edgy songs centering hard instrumentals and techno styles, through NAMCO SOUNDS' Touhou Project arrangements, up to the playerbase-shocking Donkama 2000 and more"
  • Watagashi (わたがし, lit. cotton candy) on August 8 with a 29-track lineup "from story mode exclusives from 3DS3 to boundlessly dreamy fun and fluffily sweet sounds"

We also have the full track listing for Kaki-goori already (see below jump), while Watagashi still has the "To be announced" veil.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Twitter Snippets (June 28 2018): Actors Assemble for Afterthought Addition

After collaborative efforts happened to both Taiko no Tatsujin and merchandise fronts, the A3! game finally put its head into the... game! To be added after a maintenance tomorrow (June 29) are special alts for A3! characters featuring the kitsune hoodies again and familiar Taiko no Tatsujin characters:
  • (SSR rarity) Yuki Rurikawa feat. Don-chan and Kat-chan
  • (SR rarity) Taichi Nanao feat. Cat and Spatula
  • (R rarity) Kazunari Miyoshi feat. Shishimai

Can You Bear the Cats? Nekotomo and Taiko no Tatsujin Collab

Remember Kumatomo, the talking bear simulator game on the 3DS? The only place that you can play those streams from Mori no Kuma-san on Asia AC0?

Announced today is the sequel Nekotomo (ネコ・トモ) coming to the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, where instead of one bear you will be talking and frolicking with two cats: Nekoko (ネココ) and Tomomo (トモモ) instead. We are not going to talk too much about the game and let the main site speak for itself with an announcement stream and other videos.

Notable (for us) is that this new entry to the so-called "Tomo Series" will be collaborating with Taiko no Tatsujin also just like Kumatomo. In addition to the cats getting Don-chan- and Kat-chan-inspired fur colors in Nekotomo, the theme song for Nekotomo will be included in Nintendo Switch Version. Check the music video below to prepare yourself.

Newly Confirmed Inclusions: Nintendo Switch Version

Honwaka Kazoku ~Nekotomo no Uta~

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Twitter Snippets (June 27 2018): Surprise Summer Wave In Your Face

The second Taiko Ranked Match event hits all like those cruddy sudden summer showers (I just had one today, went from 2 to 100 in like twenty seconds)! This Summer Fest (夏フェス) will be running from June 28 12:00 (tomorrow!) through July 9 12:00 (Japan Time), cuing another rounds of heated matches for songs, outfit parts and titles up for grabs.

...except THERE IS ZERO SLITHER OF INFORMATION OUTSIDE OF THIS TWEET, unlike the last event which had a two-week notification period with a special page on the main site. In fact the Spring Festival banner is still up on the front page, and we have been trying various URLs for a hidden page but to no avail. We'll keep you posted when we know what's up, probably tomorrow.

Addendum (2018/06/28): Thanks to Deadwantsha from Discord for (slightly retroactively) finding that the Taiwan BNEI Facebook fan page has posted a slew of pictures for the event yesterday afternoon. Slightly moot when the event page on the main site is also up when we get to add this.

Taiko Ranked Match Event: Summer Fest Rewards
1 FP - Title: 夏フェスはじめました Summer Fest Is Here
15 FP - Greeting: 夏フェス大好き I ♡ Summer Fest
50 FP - Outfit (Full Body): 夏フェス Summer Fest
80 FP - 15 Don Kobans
150 FP -  おはよう!太鼓サマー Ohayou! Taiko Summer
999 FP - Title: 夏フェスの達人 Summer Fest Master

First Video: Blue ver. Version Update 3.xx

The latest Blue Version update is finally out! While we wait for any chances to spot unlockable tunes with the brand-new Performance Battle mode, let's tackle the three licensed additions of the day first.

Blue ver. Version Update: June 27 2018


Sayonara Elegy

Hibana DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku
ヒバナ/DECO*27 feat.初音ミク

Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan
アスノヨゾラ哨戒班/Orangestar feat. IA
"W" means the song is supported in Issho ni Waiwai Ensou, a placeholder before we make a special icon for this.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Twitter Snippets (26 June 2018) - INSPION's 96-Enhanced Album

...while we've chained away an highly-excited Lokamp for today's news reveal, today is in our greatest interest to talk about today's sondtrack-related news before he comes back to spaz everywhere

Guitarist/drummer composer Daisuke Kurosawa is making his first soundtrack album as a member of INSPION, with its title -BLACK ALBUM 2- being a reference/continuation to his former personal album release under the bemani days. Coming out on August 8th this year, BLACK ALBUM 2 is bound to include the extended versions of two songs that are featured in Taiko gaming: INSPION and R.I., both of which also available in the company INSPION's Youtube channel. The full tracklist is already available at the official website of this musical project.

In more general music game talk, the album is also bound to include the track Phantom Razor, which premiered as an additional-content track in Rayark's Cytus II.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

[NSwitch] - Taiko Switch Tidbits from World Hobby Fair Summer '18

With the Taiko Switch game being available in its first public outing, some Taiko troopers came out to report on the new game's more spicy song list details. So far, howevern, the best we could find as a more credible evidence is this picture, highlighting the star ratings of the game's theme song, Furifuri♪ Norinori♪.

Not only that, it appears that a brand new Game Music track is also brewing from a distance (with that distance being the top corner of the snapshot): the oddly-titled TD - 28619029byte remix -. This title is eerily reminiscent to the title of the remix tracks that were featured in Namco's pre-2000s arcade racing game Techno Drive, but its numerical title doesn't match any of the three pre-existing tracks from said racing game... what could it mean?

Post updates (24/06/18) after the jump.

Song of the Week! 23 June 2018

It's been a while since our last J-POP-themed feature, so let's compensate that with one of the most popular tracks for the genre in recent memory!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Namco Taiko Blog (22 June 2018): Imminent Fever for the Battle Mode - Blue ver. June 27 Version Update

Okay, I'll try to refrain from making Amitie puns
With yesterday's first-hand news on the Performance Battle Mode, there of course must be a version update on June 27 to add them in. Today's official Namco Taiko Blog talks about just that.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

[AC0B] - Introducing the Ensou Battle Mode

Today's big news for the series comes from the Bandai Namco Youtube channel, where a trailer of the much-anticipated Battle mode receives its first official presentation. As neither the official blog or the Twitter account talk about it today, we only have the video above to talk about.

Officially titled as the Ensou Battle (演奏バトル) mode, this is a Banapassport-exclusive campaign for single-player action, pitting the player against hordes of enemies as they play songs from the Blue Version arcade. Successful hits count towards clearing enemy waves and charging up special attacks, both of which are bound to get powered by levelling up with multiple plays of the Ensou Battle mode.

This video's description pinpoints the Ensou Battle mode's release on June 27th.

Shoutout to user Deadwantsha from the Taiko no Tatsujin Discord group for the tip!

Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version Performance Characters and Skills


The Performance Characters (演奏キャラクター) is a new functionality seen in Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version, and currently exclusive to that game also. Instead of playing as the default Don-chan/Kat-chan or your customized My-Don, you can choose to play as other characters from the series, or even characters from other collaborating franchises. Performance Characters are all fully and uniquely animated, and come with a short profile blurb in-game.

Most Performance Characters owns one or two Performance Skills (演奏スキル). Most of the skills can help players clear a notechart by decreasing the overall difficulty with more lenient judgement or easier spirit gauge maintenance, but some also pose additional challenge (colored red in the list below). There is no way to use Performance Characters without having the skills active. Unlike Support Mode modifier in PS4-1, the high scores achieved even with the use of Performance Skills can be recorded in-game (although separately with each character).

Performance Characters can be unlocked across gameplay, as well as downloaded as additional contents. See also our Unlock Guide and Additional Contents List for details.

List of Performance Characters
Key: Unlockable DLC

CharacterPerformance Skill

Normal Performance いつもどおりの演奏になる

Normal Performance いつもどおりの演奏になる

Drumroll Note Support Lv. 1 連打音符サポート Lv.1
Balloon Note Support Lv. 1 ふうせん音符サポート Lv.1

Spirit Gauge Harder to Drop 魂ゲージがへりにくくなる

Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 1 魂ゲージふえやすい Lv.1
Spirit Gauge Harder to Drop 魂ゲージがへりにくくなる

Lenient Hit Timing たたくタイミングやさしい
Balloon Note Support Lv. 1 ふうせん音符サポート Lv.1
Kozuchi Note Support Lv. 2 こづち音符サポート Lv.2
Spirit Gauge Not Drop 魂ゲージがへらなくなる
Mirai Komachi
Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 1 魂ゲージがふえやすい Lv.1
Drumroll Note Support Lv. 2 連打音符サポート Lv.2
Platinum Don-chan
Spirit Gauge Start at 50% 魂ゲージ50%スタート
Drumroll Note Support Lv. 2 連打音符サポート Lv.2
Nekoko & Tomomo
Spirit Gauge Not Drop 魂ゲージがへらなくなる
Hatsune Miku
Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 2 魂ゲージがふえやすい Lv.2
Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa
シンカリオン E5はやぶさ
No Miss Judgement 不可判定がなくなる
Gold Don-chan
Spirit Gauge Start at 50% 魂ゲージ50%スタート
Large Note Entry Support 大音符入力サポート
Bachio Sensei
No Don/Kat Distinction ドンカツ区別なし
Wada Inu
Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 1 魂ゲージふえやすい Lv.1
Drumroll Note Support Lv. 1 連打音符サポート Lv.1
Wada John
Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 2 魂ゲージふえやすい Lv.2
Harsh Hit Timing たたくタイミングむずかしい
Lantern Eel
Large Note Entry Support 大音符入力サポート
Omenkozou (Kitsune)
Drumroll Note Support Lv. 2 連打音符サポート Lv.2
Omenkozou (Hyottoko)
Balloon Note Support Lv. 2 ふうせん音符サポート Lv.2
Omenkozou (Okame)
Kozuchi Note Support Lv. 2 こづち音符サポート Lv.2
Wada Mimizu
Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 1 魂ゲージふえやすい Lv.1
Balloon Note Support Lv. 1 ふうせん音符サポート Lv.1
Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise Lv. 1 魂ゲージふえやすい Lv.1
Kozuchi Note Support Lv. 1 こづち音符サポート Lv.1
Cat and Ladle
Spirit Gauge Not Drop 魂ゲージがへらなくなる
Harsh Hit Timing たたくタイミングむずかしい
No Miss Judgement 不可判定がなくなる
Spirit Gauge Harder to Raise 魂ゲージがふえにくくなる
Balloon Note Support Lv. 1 ふうせん音符サポート Lv.1
Kozuchi Note Support Lv. 1 こづち音符サポート Lv.1
Kozuchi Note Support Lv. 1 こづち音符サポート Lv.1
Drumroll Note Support Lv. 1 連打音符サポート Lv.1
Spirit Gauge Start at 50% 魂ゲージ50%スタート
Spirit Gauge Harder to Raise 魂ゲージがふえにくくなる
Harsh Hit Timing たたくタイミングむずかしい
Lenient Hit Timing たたくタイミングやさしい

Mekadon メカドン
*when using Auto modifier
Autoplay Performance オート演奏になる

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