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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Across Japan: Hiroba-nai and the Yellow ver. Last Stand

When once again Japan's version change is smackdabbed in the middle of the monthly Facebook Tournament, you know we are not going to get Blue ver. on the same day. Let's get the tournament details out quick and we'll talk about updates on the Hiroba-nai Movement.

Facebook Tournament: March 10~18 2018
    Results Announcement: March 22 2018
極圏 Kyokuken x10
   cosMo VS dj TAKA / 「SOUND VOLTEX」より
怒槌 Ikazuchi x10
   光吉猛修 Takenobu Mitsuyoshi / 「CHUNITHM」より
Scarlet Lance x10
   MASAKI (ZUNTATA) /「グルーヴコースター」より Groove Coaster

(best total of three songs)
Taiko Drum Monster x7
   steμ feat. siroa

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But as you know, despite the overwhelming support for the rally, the Taiko Team on the Asian ver. Facebook has not responded well and is still just pushing out canned-as-ever announcements.

So as Yellow ver. approaches its end (even though Blue ver. still undated), the Hiroba-nai Movement will move onto another front and takes on the Ranking Dojo as well. In short, in addition to the monthly tournaments, Donders are encouraged to also use their ひろばない (Hiroba-nai) profiles to take on the Ranking Dojo trials, in the hopes to also fill the version-end ranked-in list with the tagline.

As from the announcement for Red ver., they will be listing all successful rankers from 8-dan (八段) and up, so if you are interested feel free to try from there. Even if you can't get past 8-dan, the Movement still encourages you to try nonetheless at a level you are more attuned; it's the thought that counts anyway.

To end this rally, let us also remind ourselves of the songs that do not get to greater Asia in a parody commercial for the Asian ver. Yellow ver., which the count has reached 100 since.

Postscript link: Player profile naming guide

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