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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Across Japan (December 7 2017) - The Hiroba-nai Movement: Last Straw over the Camel's (non-existent) Plaza

We're making the "official part" of this post quick. Announced on December 6, Asia version's December 2017 Facebook Tournament will be:

Facebook Tournament: December 12~17 2017
    Results Announcement: December 21 2017
セイクリッド ルイン Sacred Ruin x9
濃紅 Koi-kurenai x7
   黒沢ダイスケ × 小寺可南子 Daisuke Kurosawa × Kanako Kotera

So what makes us suddenly picking back up the Asia ver. Facebook Tournaments scope after a two-month hiatus? That's because we are hoping to take that opportunity to bring awareness to the Hiroba-nai Movement that started just today (December 7) by veteran Taiwanese Donders including Shoushou, Woolala and Gumin.

Promotional posters for the movement (left: Chinese, right: Japanese)
Source: original post on Shoushou's Facebook

"Hiroba-nai" (ひろばない) literally means "No Hiroba", and aims to express the dissatisfaction with the still-lingering absence of Donder Hiroba support for greater Asian Donders. If you forgot what it was about (likely due to the aforementioned absence), the Donder Hiroba gives many supporting functionalities to HD-arcade Donders including:
  • Player name changing. This is especially helpful for outside Japan when Donders not knowing Japanese might have just spammed a random name like あああああ (aaaaa) or the default どんちゃん (Don-chan), but have to be stuck with that for god knows how long.
  • Better customization options, including titles/title parts and the more expansive four-part outfit system
  • Additional song acquisition means (Katsu Medal Shop)
  • Donder-held tournaments and challenge gauntlets
  • and more!
Yes, it was quite a godsend already when greater Asia got a (nonetheless smaller) export of the awaited HD arcade back in 2014 after AC14. However, the absence of Donder Hiroba created such an inconvenience compared with other arcade music/rhythm game franchise, leaving veteran and budding arcade Donders alike greatly discouraged. Attempts have been made by many to express such views via letters, social media and more but was still in vain.

The main requirement for this movement is simple:
  1. Purchase, or otherwise obtain, another Banapassport or Aime card
  2. Set the player name to be "Hiroba-nai" (ひろばない)
  3. Try your best at each of the coming monthly Facebook tournament on that account
  4. Snap your participating result(s) and post to social media and the result announcement post on the official Asia ver. Facebook
The main idea is that hopefully the name/message is will be taking over the top 20 rankings in both departments. That said, do not be discouraged even if you think/know you are not going to rank in: it's the thought (and the total number of players to do so, which Taiko Team should be seeing) that counts.

We suggest you check out the original post on Shoushou's Facebook (in traditional Chinese) which comes with the above promotional poster designs in (traditional) Chinese and Japanese for your easy spreading.

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