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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to Really Name Your Player Profile on Taiko no Tatsujin HD Arcade

Remember when we say this in our Hiroba-nai Movement post?

"[the ability to change player name] is especially helpful for outside Japan when Donders not knowing Japanese might have just spammed a random name like あああああ (aaaaa) or the default どんちゃん (Don-chan) [...]"

Yeah, we kinda didn't fully instruct the Donders not knowing Japanese who want to participate in the movement how to actually set your player name to your heart's desire, which is probably the most important step when we want to flood the monthly tournament rankings with the key phrase of ひろばない (lit. no Hiroba). Here are we giving a follow-up post to explain just that.

The mechanics of that name-picking wheel is basically like how the gojuu'on (五十音, lit. 50 sounds) table of kanas is usually read. But in the straightest sense, first go across to find the column for the desired consonant sound, then go down the column to match the vowel sound. Finally select whether you need any special modifications to the character like dakuten (two-dots), handakuten (circle) or the smaller variants.

w- r- y- m- h- n- t- s- k-



(n ん)

b- ゙
p- ゚

d- ゙ z- ゙ g- ゙

For the purposes of the Hiroba-nai Movement, here are the steps to select the correct characters to spell ひろばない for your player profile:
  1. は (ha) → ひ (hi) → ひ (no diacritics)
  2. ら (ra) → ろ (ro)
  3. は (ha) → は (ha) → ば (ba; dakuten)
  4. な (na) → な (na)
  5. あ (a) → い (i) → い (normal size)
You can also check out the video made by our Taiwanese compadres as embedded above, which even include the exact drum hits needed shown at the bottom for you to just follow, so that you don't have to even know all of the above hiragana stuff.

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