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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Twitter Snippets (31 October 2017) - The 4th Otogesai's Other Phase 2 Songs

As expected, the notice of the other songs' venture for the latest edition of the Tenkaichi Otogesai didn't fail to pop up after yesterday's reveal, as the leftover parties decided to spill out the beans about their release. After the jump, the Groove Coaster and SOUND VOLTEX tracks are also mentioned!

Starting from the Bandai Namco-friendly grounds, we can spot some familiar titles with the newly-revealed Taiko Drum Monster... and with that, of course, we are referring to the fact that one faulty Yellow Version arcade already spoiled us of the surprise release weeks in advance (link), complete with the artist references as well! We just have to wait 2 days to see if the supposedly-leaked star ratings are also the ones of the actual song.
Surprisingly enough, even one of this edition's two "side-wheel" music game series has its own song to boot, as Synchronica is joining the party as well! The track from the touchscreen arcade game is Crystal Hail, made by independent composer Nhato.
Taking a page from the collaborative-fueled script of the last otogesai's SOUND VOLTEX shores, the latest track from Groove Coaster to be made for the tournament is a duo piece as well! With the combined composing efforts of Cranky and Zuntata composer MASAKI, ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- already sounds menacing...
The SOUND VOLTEX side, on the other hand, is more silent on the artist-referencing mood for their leg of the Otogesai-made song, as we only know the title of the song itself: GERBERA. Aside from the fact that its name refers to a genus of the Asteracae plant family (reference picture), there's nothing much else we can say about it at this point...

UPDATE: From an earlier-shared version of the song profile on the Otogesai website (photo evidence, from plurk), we've come to know that GERBERA is made by Yasuhiro 'TAG' Taguchi (田口康裕); this reference, however, has been omitted everywhere else for some reason, where there is just a generic "BEMANI Sound Team" label on any official song listing that refers to the song, when it comes to the artist involved...

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