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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Almost Transient Mysteries: The Hidden Secret Behind Tsumami-kui Performance

Thanks to Sehuny and I'm don with you kats (Nether) on the Taiko no Tatsujin Discord for setting off this little journey.

Being more than 5 years overdue certainly makes it transient for the longest time. The Tsumami-kui Performance (つまみ食い演奏) mode was first introduced in PSP2 and then revived for Wii4 and Wii5, after which it went on to inspire the Taiko Training (太鼓トレーニング) mode in PSVita1. Today we look at those later incarnations for a quaint little secret.

"It's just a training mode that lets you rewind songs. What's so hidden about that?" And THAT is what is so hidden about this.

If you play around the mode a bit, you might notice that the rewind and fast-forward jumble-noise are the same for all songs, implying that it is a different audio file in the software level. You know, with precedents like Yokuderu 15300 and whatnot, what if we play around with a copy of that soundbite on an audio software?

But isn't that a ultra sped-up instrumental Momoiro♪Taiko Paradise (Wii4 theme song), just added first with some voice speaking something and then with people screaming and frolicking around? That wasn't too weird when (this incarnation of) Tsumami-kui Performance did begin with Wii4 and it can be a nice nod.

But what about later? Vita1 having Shimedore 2000+ let us have a full listen to the fast-forward jumble, and here is one person trying to set off a 1/7.65 speed of the result to hear out for anything weird:

So after the above Momoiro♪Taiko Paradise antics, there is now a change in music to a small section resembling Koibumi 2000? And then it loops back after a transitional bridge? What is all this supposed to mean?

While that's all dandy and well, the lineage of this soundbite appears to hit an end. The Tokkun Mode from AC0 uses only a more-generic click sound when moving through the notechart, and PS4-1's upcoming Training Performance mode appears to more closely follow its designs as well, but without sounded sample as of now we could only speculate.

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