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Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Video: Summer '17 Rewards Shop Songs

From the differently-classified 'black sheep' of genre placement to the newest Namco Original, here's what the first Don Medal Rewards Shop has to offer!

 Asteroid (5/7/8/9; 784 notes on Oni)
Masubuchi Yuji's latest playable song in Taiko no Tatsujin sports repeating patterns from the good ol' days as well as some more modern perks, such as a last-moment, note steam-based difficulty spike and some visual trickery with alternating scrolling speed! You might already see one of those on the embeded video above's preview, no less.

 Sanzegawa Ranbu (三瀬川乱舞) (4/5/7/8; 450 notes on Oni)
While not as hard as the last Namco Original starring a male lead singer, this Summer treat is here to welcome its players and tell the familiar tale of the Yuugen no Ran-like scrolling enhancements, only manifesting itself for the song's most intense portions (mainly the chorus).

  Sanzegawa Ranbu (三瀬川乱舞) (10* Ura Oni with 639 notes)
The very same song also comes with a max-rating Ura Oni, starring the very same structure of the regular modes in conjunction with more dense cluster sections (and more clusters in general).

 Boukyaku no Tirnanog (忘却のティルナノグ) (4/5/7/9; 794 notes on Oni)
Slight time signature changes and consecutive cluster passages are the main topics in the Oni challenge of YMY's latest original song offering, with lots of more relaxed spaces in-between the more busy notechart portions.

 Geki-un! Shichifuku Happy Crew (激運!七福ハッピークルー) (4/5/7/9; 777 notes on Oni)
For a more relentless challenge on the stamina side, however, here's the latest IOSYS-powered Namco Original to throw tiring cluster formations to its unsuspecting players, one after another! It's also the only track of the lot with a special Oni Max Combo value tacked on to it.

 Kaidan (χ談) (5/7/8/10; 951 notes on Oni)
The Rewards Shop's most anticipated newcomer by many, Kaidan stops by with a generally-aggressive scrolling speed mostly made of 1/16 single-note placing, coupled with some cluster-focused portions and a slow-down section whose cluster arrangement may or may not remind people that DEBSTEP! charting is still a thing that exists!

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