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Sunday, May 7, 2017

[SITE] - Farewell to a Fellow Donder

Earlier this week, we have reported how the Taiko gameplay videos coming from one of the most recurrent Youtube uploaders were removed from the platform, due to its proprietary channel getting shut down. After some rounds of research, however, we came to acknowledge that there's a more dreary reasoning behind this situation, something that we also want to share with our readers.

We're saddened to echo the news of the death of professional Taiko no Tatsujin player Jun Kurosaki, publicly known under the Rairin (らいりん) alias. Earlier this week, one of his acquaintances has created a Jun Kurosaki Twitter account to let his followers on Youtube/social media know about the popular player's last deathbed wishes, including the closure of his rairin mnr Youtube channel as well as his social accounts related to the nostal_phobia handle that are scattered all over the Web. Rairin's decease occurred last Wednesday, at the age of 24.

While joining the online masses in order to share our condolences to his family and friends, we also want to personally thank the skilled Taiko player for the incredibly extensive video footage that was shared along the years; foreign games in general manage to get worldwide attention thanks to the work of many dedicated people, but very few of those were devoted to provide perfect-play video footage for all difficulty settings in Japanese music gaming. Rairin was one of the few people to repeatedly cover that spot for the Taiko-related communities in the past few years, so we wanted to honor his memory one last time, under the same vein of gratitude that we also held for the passing of music creators on this blog.

May his soul rest in peace.

Addendum: In light of this, many fellow Donders have paid their respects (example, example) to Rairin by playing his favorite song Dream Tide -Yume no Chouryuu- (Dream Tide -夢の潮流-) while using his special routine (getting all 良s but not hitting any yellow drumrolls) to get the theoretical ceiling score, as seen in his many videos. The song can be found in the new Taiko 0 arcade and Wii3.

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