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Monday, May 15, 2017

Postcards from Reitasai '17 - Early Anniversary Song Textual Reports

Some weeks after the latest limited events starring some Taiko no Tatsujin action, data surrounding the 9-Anniversary edition of Cirno's Perfect Math Class has begun to spread across the Internet and getting recorded on Taiko wiki wikihouse. Until we wait for visual evidence/official announcements of any kind, here's what has been (allegedly) found out so far:
  • The song's credited unit in the subtitle has been settled to IOSYS and Happy⑨Anniversary Friends (IOSYSと愉快な⑨周年フレンズ), confirmation pending for the official release;
  • Rankings for all modes are 3/4/5/9, with respective notecounts of 128/229/350/751;
  • Perceived BPM is around 350, with most of the song being played at an halved scrolling bar speed (like for FLOWER and Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Mix~)

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