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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. V3.08/Asia V2.03 Songs

It's update day for both Japanese and General Asia Yellow Version arcades! While the more licensed side is a JP-exclusive affair, there's something lurking behind the scenes for everyone to enjoy.

See you after the jump!

 Ashita Mo (明日も) (1/2/3/2; 397 notes on Oni)
This upbeat track is quite the relevant addition to the beginner-friendly side of Taiko gaming, as with its generous notecount it has become the 2-star Oni track with the biggest amount of notes to date... without clusters, no less!

 Road Movie (ロードムービー) (3/4/4/5; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 232 notes on Oni)
Slow swing-ish rhythms is the game in the latest Shin-Chan license to make it into Taiko gaming, whose Oni chart mostly stars single notes and couples being timed under different signatures.

Three more Oni stars, however, don't make it for a bigger notecount than Ashita Mo, it appears...

 Cocotama Happy~Paradise! (ここたまハッピ~パラダイス!) (2/3/3/6; Papa Mama support on Kantan; forked-paths Oni with 375 Notes -Master Route-)
Cocotama is back, starring forked-paths play, no less! As usual, only a good accuracy can lend players to the notechart portion with the trickiest clusters to hit, which for this song's case are mostly KKD succession with small notes intertwined.

Once again, no bigger notecount from today's lowest-rated newcomer. Even on the Master route!

 8OROCHI (5/7/8/10; 10* Ura Oni with 1001 notes)
At long last, here's today's main course! The long-awaited Namco Original debut song of REDALiCE makes its public debut with the addition of an Ura Oni, where 1/16 rhythms are often spiced up by some scrolling bar trickery for selected notes. Let the note flow follow your hits if you don't want to be caught off guard!

If you forgot how the regular Oni looks like from the song's first reveal, click here for an higher-resolution recording! Its regular Oni checks in with 958 notes.

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