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Monday, March 6, 2017

Twitter Snippets (6 March 2017) - Pre-Livestream Random Composer Facts

By this point, we are already used to 2-round song reveals when it comes of a new Taiko HD firmware's launch day song additions. For Yellow Version's case, the end-February livestream was the first tasting while many elements are leading to new reveals that are slated in the coming days/weeks.

More to the point, the Taiko Team's Twitter account was eager to re-tweet and comment the after-work endavors of Miko Tsujibayashi (辻林美穂), singer and member of the independent unit Futari no Bungaku (ふたりの文学) that was commissioned to provide the vocals for an upcoming original song. Judging by the return of Go Takuro (郷拓郎) from detune commenting about his latest experience indoors with the singer, it's highly the case that he is the composer of the newly-vocalized track.

With one last tweet for the day from the Taiko Team, it also appears that we'll be hearing more of the Yellow Version newcomer lineup in this very week, even before the February 14th livestream run!

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