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Thursday, March 30, 2017

3DS3 Update: Right into Cloud Nine (and Ten): April 3DS3 DLC

Last month's real challenges is not enough for you? Get more of ★9 and ★10 picks right where it comes from starting April 6.

DLC: April Free Download
大空と太鼓の踊り Oozora to Taiko no Odori (~2017/05/10)

DLC: Donder Pack 2 (500 yen +tax)
Wings of Tomorrow (Tatsujin Mix)
   「GOD EATER 2」より
Abandoned Temple Final 2nd Console debut
   「鉄拳7 FR」より Tekken 7 Fated Retribution
チャーリー ダッシュ! Charlie Dash!
電子ドラムの達人 Denshi-drum no Tatsujin
   ふぇのたす Phenotas
タイコタイム Taiko Time (+ Ura?)

[UPDATE] - Taiko Time Ura confirmed for the pack; they only forgot to add the label on the initial announcement...

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