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Thursday, February 23, 2017

3DS3 Update: Zap Goes the Donders: March 3DS3 DLC

In which we stop pandering to the normies crowd with a selection celebrating the core Taiko no Tatsujin fans. Coming March 2.

DLC: March Free Download
 Extreme MGG★★★  (+ Ura)(~2017/04/05)
   「ミュージックガンガン!2」よりMusic GunGun! 2

DLC: Donder Pack 1 (500 yen +tax)
 Surf Zapping NEW!
   t+pazolite / 「シンクロニカ」より Synchronica
ミュージック・リボルバー Music Revolver (+ Ura)
   「ミュージックガンガン!2」よりMusic GunGun! 2
てんびん座急行 夜を行く Tenbinza Kyuukou Yoru o Iku Console debut
ヌムジカac.10 Numujika ac.10 
Princess of Donder Console debut
   MOES feat.海保えりか Erika Kaiho

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  1. Don't call 'em like that, or else I might feel authorized to call this the "Dank Pack" haha