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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (8 December 2016) - Taiko 3DS3 Christmas Promo and a Day with the Taiko Team


It's another double blog entry day, so we're showcasing the more commercial-y one before the usual jump! From today until the end of the year, every physical copy of Dokodon! Mystery Adventure that is purchased in Game TSUTAYA/WonderGoo/Joshin stores will come with a calendar/schedule book for the year that is yet to come, with a calendar that goes from this month to March 2018.

To have a taste of what will it look like, here are a couple of snaps from the very same blog entry, with the page for the December 2016 month and a following blank space to write up notes as well as know something more about the Wada Don family and its friends.



There's also a 3DS3-themed gift for everyone to enjoy, too! By heading at this page from the official website of the title, it's possible to download a Christmas-themed wallpaper starring the main cast of Dokodon! Mystery Adventure. Act fast, as it'll be removed from the website after December 25th!


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Now that the more CM-like portion of the weekly updates has went and gone, we're left with Daifuku handling a more news-riddled blog post, this time around being disguised as a story illustrated with Don-Chan plushies about one day with the Taiko Team. If posts like this one will prove to be popular, we already know that it'll be less likely that Daifuku will write the sequels!

This 1-day fictional journey into the series' development staff is titled "Until the Collaboration is Determined", as apparently it was the hot topic for this meeting.


It all started in a sunny day, when the Team was discussing about future tracks to add to the series. Phrases like: "Let's add that popular Anime song!" (might be a bit about that Haikyuu-related scenario?), "I want to record songs with that popular artist now!" and "Let's add tracks for the song genre that we've got hot demands for!" went back and forth the staff members for three days and three nights, until one bold suggestion was made...


"I want to collaborate with popular idols!"

With the idea being accepted by the rest of the crew, the Team have made contact with the people in charge of the interested brand to collaborate with, in order to hear if that side agreed with the idea.


While it's fun to come up with new collaboration ideas, Daifuku reveals that the plans for a collaboration would not come to a fruition if there were any reasons which would make collaborating a difficult task for both sides. That's not the case for this project, as the Team got the approval from the opposing side, starting the idea sketches from the collaboration soon after.


About collaboration content, it's always a priority for the Team to make special elements between songs and other customization flairs (outfits/Petit Charas/dancers) that would represent the opposing side of the collaborative effort the best; for this reason, the opposing side is often contacted in order to discuss the content's progress as well as suggesting modifies to it until both sides are ok with the final results.


The final step has been to decide how to spread the news to fans of both sides, including the usual communication means that have been employed by the Taiko Team for a long time: official blog posts, their Twitter profile (shown above), ADs on the other collaborating partner's media platforms, livestream announcements and so on.

For this collaboration, the first reveal is made with this very blog entry!


Right before Red Version's (alleged) ending, Taiko Red Version's last month-long collaboration campaign is a third event about THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, planned to be sent live from January 31st to February 28th next year. While the collaboration's website will be operative from January 12th, we're going to get weekly updates about this event towards the end of the year within 2016's last Taiko Blog entries.

Tune in next Tuesday with Anne returning to this topic once again!

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