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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Song of the Week! 26 November 2016

It's been a while since our last Ura song feature on this space, isn't it?

 Gigantic O. T. N (ギガンティックO. T. N) Giga/Reol feat. Kagamine Len
Allx3 (235)x6 (427)x7 (763)x9 (889)
 Taiko 0 W, Taiko 3DS 3

Speaking of another "Firsts-in-a-while" situation, its also been a long time since our latest song feature with heavy sexual undertones... an aspect that today's Vocaloid track on the spotlight is a prime master among the many many songs featured in Taiko gaming overall!

Gigantic O. T. N. is the first Hall of Legend combined effort by the composer/utaite couple of Giga-P (ギガP) and Reol (れをる), with the former having gathered fame as a composer of original/cover tracks featuring the Kagamine twins and the latter often supporting his compositions with the lyrics. For the record, the same couple went on to make Plus Danshi (+♂), which also is playable in Taiko! Since March 2016, both Giga and Reol have signed to become associated artists under the TOY'S FACTORY label, although both the talents haven't released any statements of them leaving the Vocaloid music-making community yet.

Originally uploaded on December 8th, 2012 and managing to rack over 3 million views between Niconico and Youtube since its launch, Gigantic O. T. N is basically a song where Kagamine Len explains in song form how he's able to seduce both men and women on bed, with such a peculiar choice of words to make your pornstar of choice proud! The title on itself is quite the sexual innuendo, as in the original version's speaking portion is explained that this is the nickname chosen for Len's huge ochinchin... aka, his penis. 8=======D Gigantic O. T. N also made it in album form in a couple of occasions in 2013, first with February's EXIT TUNES Vocalosensation feat. Hatsune Miku (Vocalosensation feat. 初音ミク) and two months later in Gigabanana the Best ~USUSHIO Aji~ (ぎがばなな ざ べすと ~USUSHIO味~) among many other songs made in collaboration with Vocaloid producer Orebanana-P.

If you want a recreation of the fatiguing excitement in those hot, rough bedroom moments with a significative other in a kid-friendly rhythm game, look no further than Gigantic O. T. N! Since its original White Version launch, its Oni mode with its taxing BPM speed and its many many MANY clusters will put players in an endurance test to see if their combo streak can last (and perform!) as fine as a passionate sexual intercourse, complete with is own 1/24 cluster kink to cater to the different-time-signature-in-cluster fetish in many modern Taiko notechart. Interestingly enough, Gigantic O. T. N for its port on the third 3DS game had a scoring bug which associated the Oni mode's ceiling score as low as the standard used for 5-star Oni modes, ending up with a lowered maximum achievable score that briefly surpasses the 900k points; this glitch was later on fixed with the 1.1 patch, together with other issues such as the Mystery Adventure game-blocking bugs.

And before I turn into my 'Full-Smut-Smug' mode, let me spend a few more words on the other test of energy for this song that lurks from a distance...

  Gigantic O. T. N (ギガンティックO. T. N) Giga/Reol feat. Kagamine Len

x10 (1083)
 Taiko 0 R, Taiko 3DS 3

Calling back the notecharter who already made the former 4 modes of this song, Arihotto (アリーホット) went balls deep into a more pressuring Ura Oni challenge that winks to many other gimmicks from past and future times into current relevancy; among the longer clusters and a more mean 1/24 trap, in fact, we can also find up to x3 scrolling speed-up multipliers (both for single notes and for longer parts!) and 1/24 note couple sections a-la Taiko Time Ura Oni. All for the second Vocaloid challenge in Taiko that manages to break the 3-digit note limit!

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