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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (10 November 2016) - Game-on! Taiko Livestream and Red Version V5.08


Today we've had a double dose of blog updates from the team, with the first one being about the Tenkaichi Otogesai-related livestream that is airing next week. They'll be playing the transplanted song Masakari Blade from SOUND VOLTEX in advance (together with 10 other Namco Originals just for fun), but aside from that nothing much is said that we didn't already know, so hit us at this link for the broadcast's scheduled beginning time and Nicovideo links.

After the jump is the content of the next blog post, featuring the new additions to Red Version!

New Songs: November 15th
 Soup NEW!
 Swan NEW!
 Su・ma・i・ru (ス・マ・イ・ル) NEW!
   Hana Kappa
You Got A O-tomodachi (ゆーがらお友達) NEW!
   Yokai Watch
   Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
 Alien Alien (エイリアンエイリアン) NEW!
   Nayutan Seijin feat. Hatsune Miku
 Super Dragon Ball Heroes Theme Song (スーパードラゴンボールヒーローズ テーマソング) NEW!

New Songs: November 18th (participating AOU stores only)
 Masakari Blade (マサカリブレイド) NEW!

This license-oriented song update will add new tracks from both new sources and well-established series/IPs, while also slating the timed release date of the third Tenkaichi Otogesai's 2nd new song addition for the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise. Again, we forward you to the aforementioned Game-on! broadcast for an early look at the song in action.

The venture of a new Yokai Watch song also compelled the addition of a new wearable outfit, as the Tom-Nyan (トムニャン) Kigurumi part will be unlockable upon playing said new song addition to the Yokai Watch collection once.
New Feature: Dojo Ranking Gaiden

The other big feature for this update is the much-anticipated Dojo Ranking Gaiden, which is set to add multiple side courses to the regular ranks. All Gaiden courses are placed immediately to the right of the related 'main rank' course in the selection screen, only their preview rectangle will be smaller and white when un-evidenced, in comparison to the regular trials. Again, clearing Gaiden challenges won't raise your Banapassport profile's Dojo Ranking rank, but some special awards might be unlocked if Gaiden ranks are cleared, such as new titles.

The Gaiden set of challenges will premiere in this update with 6 different ranks, with two of these being limited challenges which will be removed in the next Red Version update to make room for other limited trials.

-) Challenge! Namco Original  (挑戦!ナムコオリジナル)
The first Gaiden in the series is related in difficulty to the Ikkyu (一級) rank which, being the very last rank featuring song played with their Muzukashii modes, is now coupled with this extra trial which is made of Namco Originals in order to prime players to what will come at higher ranks.

-) Challenge! 3500 Combo!! (挑戦!3500コンボ!!)
Between the Kyudan and Juudan ranks will be introduced a side-challenge which will push players to attempt a 3500-note combo streak! Due to the high amount of notes required, we're already looking at an upper-half Gaiden diffìculty right here.

-) Challenge from the Taiko Team!  (太鼓チームからの挑戦!)
Being a Rokudan-comparable challenge, this course is entirely made of songs that have been charted by Marimo Institute (まりも研究所), with song representatives from three different genres! The Team has also provided a blurred-out snapshot preview for the rank.


-) Challenge from the Taiko Team!  (太鼓チームからの挑戦!)
Unlike the former-introduced ranks, this one doesn't follow a particular motif aside from being a training grounds from players between the Hachidan and Kyuudan ranks. See what's inside when Game Version 5.08 rolls out!

-) Challenge from the Taiko Team!  (太鼓チームからの挑戦!) Limited
At last, here's the fated challenge whose theme has been decided by the audience of the past livestream! Just like the Taiko Team challenge 1, this one is themed after songs charted by a single Taiko Team member, which in this case is the infamous Dark Attribute (闇属性). Act fast, as this rank won't be lasting forever!


-) Resurrection! Katsu-Don Taishou (復活!カツドン大将) Limited
Rounding up the first set of trials is another limited challenge which will revive the hardest challenge from the very first set of Dojo Ranking coming from codename KATSU-DON! As you can see, both the songs used and the clear criteria are the same as the original course.


The original blog entry is closed with another invitation from the Taiko Team to tweet them their future impressions of the Gaiden courses and new ideas for future trials.

Once again, Game Version 5.08 will be launched next week on November 15th. See you there!

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