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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Song of the Week! 6 August 2016

Pokemon Go, the second big-name app to have ties with Nintendo, makes many fans' (not necessarily childhood) dreams come true and lets you catch Pokemon in real life... at least through your phone screen with augmented reality hocus-pocus. Take a break from struggling with bad servers, glitchy performance and physical movement in Part 2 of our mobile-gaming two-parter special!

Oh wait, we have the Pokemon (games) Medley Song Series Showcase up already, and Pokemon anime theme songs used to have a Song Series Showcase. Gotta find something mildly related...

 Shining 65 (シャイニング65)
PS2 5, PSP 2x5 (187)x5 (249)x6 (371)x7 (495)
PS2 5, PSP 2 (2P)x5 (186/186)x5 (251/251)x6 (376/375)
Taiko 0 Rx4 (187)x5 (249)x6 (371)x7 (495)
Taiko 0 R (2P)x4 (186/186)x5 (251/251)x6 (376/375)
 Taiko 0 R, Taiko PS2 5, Taiko PSP 2

With Pokemon covered to the max on out SotW circuit, let's check out some song related to the concept of "Go" instead! I mean the SongID has a pair of them already, and the lyrics mixes in even more in glorious rhyming sets.

The song speaks of the exhilarating life of a 65-year-old man in his retirement under hard rock vibes; that is probably the direction retirement insurance plan sellers should take in an advertisement or whatever. Read in Japanese not as "shining rokujuugo" (equivalently "Shining Sixty-five") but as "shining rou-go" (equiv.: "Shining Six-five"), the number hints on the age 65 as well as a pun on retirement (老後 rougo). The song is an almost one-man work by Yoshihito Yano (矢野義人) down to main vocals, lyrics and composition. The rocking guitar and bass is provided by Yuuji Masubuchi (増渕裕二), and grandkid Masaki is voiced by Katsuyuki Oda (小田一行).

In hall of fame trivia, Shining 65 actually once had the highest instantaneous density at its addition in PS2 5 (2004) with its starting 24th triple at 202 BPM (= 0.049s), until it is dethroned by Ryougen no Ran's Zeami Beam (24th at 208 BPM = 0.48s) five years later in AC12.5 (2009). Well, at least it tried, and it still holds the title at least for the ☆7 rating uncontested.

Despite that bit of past record, Shining 65 is actually relatively easy entry on the fast end of the music spectrum. On a older ☆7 rating and probably deserving to feature further cuts in modern terms, this serves a good enough prelude to prepare for worse speed-demons like Houkago Stride and XY&Z.

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