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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Taiko 3DS3 Update Post

Criuse the world for mystery spots! ...oh we're just looking for 3DS3 news here so we don't really need to go that far.

Last update: Jun 16 | No of updates: 18 | No. of songs: 72+16 | 3DS3 Song List
Key: Red = series debut; Blue = console debut

18. And to close the Update Post is the release-day website update, where the Release Survey is added for you to tell Namco your thought after about 3 hours of playing 3DS3 in exchange for a nice special wallpaper. Also the other Puzzle & Dragons X collab DLC tune is now titled Battle -Denkousekka- (バトルー電光石火ー).

17. Ending the First Videos with Crazy Beauty (★10 Oni, 870 notes) and Ryuumyaku no Ou (★9 Oni, 933 notes).

16. And so the slated First Video for Diver on White ver. is swiftly relocated to the update post because it is relevant now. ★9 Oni, 622 notes

15. DLC information: In addition to the known Namco Original Special Pack, we also have two more packs available now. DLC 16 songs
  • Taiko no Tatsujin Super Fixture Pack (太鼓の達人超定番パック): Natsu Matsuri / R.Y.U.S.E.I. / Detective Conan Main Theme / Senbonzakura (+Ura) / Angel Dream (+Ura). 500 yen (tax excl.)
  • Popular Song Pack 1 (人気曲パック①): Gimme Choco!! (+Ura) / Rising Hope / Diver Console debut / Last Brutal Sister Flandre S Console debut / Kita Saitama 2000. 500 yen (tax excl.)
  • Hero Don-chan outfit. 50 yen (tax excl.)
(PS: Remember that the Additional Content is accessed from the title screen, not the main menu this game!)

14. First Video rush! By difficulty

BREAKING NEWS: Namco Taiko Blog (June 16 2016): Summer Scorch! Wii U3 June DLC
13. First Video: Mada Saitama 2000 ★10 Oni, 999 notes on Master Route

12. First Video: Gigantic O.T.N Ura ★10 Oni, 1083 notes

11. Back to furage territory, here are all the songs and their Oni ratings:

10. And Sekai wa Itsudemo Mystery, Lisdoonvarna no Tasogare (again) and Soul Calibur III (in Muzukashii) are available in the Trial version's story mode. Also available are two versions of Kodaihei no Shingun/March of the Ancient Infantry (古代兵の進軍), which are similarly contexted as the story mode-exclusive Yokai Ranbu tunes in DS3.

9. Thanks onaonemeu below: Trial version is now open. It has DON'T CUT (no Ura here) and Lisdoonvarna no Tasogare available.

8. And we have stopped reporting with that stream since 7 hours ago, but here are the remaining songs. 72 songs Source (Baidu Tieba)
  • SORA-III Heliopause
  • Kagutsuchi
  • Heaven's Rider
  • Mada Saitama 2000 (まださいたま2000)
  • Crazy Beauty (クレイジービューティー)
  • Ryuumyaku no Ou (龍脈の王)
  • Gigantic O.T.N Ura
  • Utsukushiku Sewashiki Danube Ura
  • Nameko no Uta Ura
  • Setsuna Trip Ura

7. Day change! But the Trial Version is not out yet. Maybe later in the day?

6. Chapter 3 (at Machu Picchu, meeting Chaska) Quetzalcoatl boss song: KUSANAGI. 66 songs

5. Chapter 2 Cockatrice boss song: SORA-VI Hinotori. 65 songs

4. Brand new Namco Original: Madou Gensoukyoku (魔導幻想曲), unless they want to play something very chuunibyou like "Magi Fantasie" or something. ★9 Oni. 64 songs

3. Are you free? Watch a furagetter furagetting the game here on streaming site Douyu.

2. Autumn Dragon ~Shiuryu~ has Ura from Baidu Tieba furagetter. Source (Baidu Tieba)

1. No we're not ready for furage yet. But in addition to no 3D effects, 3DS3 will have only one save data slot, the least of the series' portable games. Source (nintendo.co.jp)

0. Starting with the 61 announced songs, plus Lawson QR unlockable Namcot Medley and Leviathan boss song Soul Calibur III. 63 songs


  1. the trial version can be downloaded now

  2. on the game "news feed" they are announcing a DLC pack with
    -Natsu Matsuri
    -Detective Conan Main Theme

    1. oh my god I can play THREE of those songs on the previous Taiko wtf

  3. Got the game for a few hours and what I have played so far I am extremely pleased
    Song selection from the beginning is incredible for 3ds, even better than 3DS2's base songlist, StreetPass features have been buffed, modifiers can now be stacked (finally!)
    But the main caveat for me is how smoothly the game runs (I'm on a New N3DS). The number of frame drops while on song selection, results screen and while actually playing is significantly less than 3DS2, the song preview and black screen on Home menu bugs are gone, the StreetPass mode doesn't lag like crazy anymore, and the game is overall way more responsive. Very satisfied with their handling of performance issues this time. Good game, Namco

  4. Is the DLC available? I can't find it anywhere.

    1. the DLC Menu can be found in the title screen