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Thursday, June 30, 2016

3DS3 Update: QR Codes Abound! Early in Release ver. (Addendum June 30)

We here at Taiko Time have starting working on the Unlock List and Story Mode Data (Songs Used and Quest Summary / Battle Members and Skills) posts! And while that happened, more QR codes for 3DS3 are let on the loose:
  • Penguin Parent-child (ペンギンおやこ) (Long Distance Type)
    from 3DS3 Main Site's QR Code section
  • Royal Guard (ロイヤルガード) (Defense Type)
    from CoroCoro Comics, June 15 issue
  • Volcano (ボルケーノ) (Magic Type)
    from CoroCoro Ichiban!, June 21 issue
Other QR codes like the shop-exclusive bonuses are still out for you to find, so get playing!

Bump for Addendum, 2016/06/30:
When you guys tipped us off the new new QR codes I just directly go check that and forgot the rest of the website also adding tidbits, including:
  • More character profile including Heracles, Makemake, Chaska, Susanoo and Yeti
  • StreetPass and Multiplayer introduction
  • That Namco Original Special Pack is still limited free, until July 31 this time


  1. someone posted all QR codes of the game here:

  2. I need all QR codes ='(
    all Offline ='(