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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (12 May 2016) - May '16 Livestream, the Details

As promised, today we're getting the clearer picture of the next Taiko Team livestream's schedule. Right after the Test Portion and the actual livestream's beginning, here's the list of topics that will be touched in the broadcast, in order of appearance:

  • Taiko 3DS 3 News Corner - Hear something new for the next console title from the Team, for the first time outside of websites/magazines!
  • Tokkun Mode Corner - Have another glimpse of the arcade games' new incoming mode, including actually using a build of it! All suggestions for new features/tweaks are welcome.
  • Taiko World Championships 2016 Finals - Feast your eyes on how the latest arcade tourney concludes with news about the two Donder Hiroba online tournament brackets and the finals on June 26 (elementary-and-under) and July 17 (middle-school-and-up). If we are lucky (or the Team is feeling like playing the hype game), perhaps a glimpse of whatever aftermath that shakes the scenario? (which is obviously  Red Version, of course)
  • White Version News Corner -  Round up the broadcast with some up-to-date news about the latest arcade housing! (but seriously go play Red Version coming to an arcade near you)

... (not-so-much) Subliminal messages from our news report aside, we also come to know that this livestream won't have a comments challenge, unlike many in recent memory. Keep an eye on the Team's Twitter for the broadcast's Nicovideo link!

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