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Thursday, April 28, 2016

V Version Update: Introducing the Popular Song Pack 13

Which can be abruptly renamed as well into the "Why the fudge is Ladystar Wandering taking so long for a console debut" pack. Why? Find out after the jump!

Popular Song Pack 13
  •  Clover♣Kakumation (クローバー♣かくめーしょん) New!
  •  Cerulean
  •  Puchipochi
  •  Raiko Taiko Disco Console debut
  •  Love Fantasy
For the third Vita song pack in a row, we are graced with the appearance of a NAMCO SOUNDS custom arrangement of Touhou Project games' collective music collection, with Ryo Watanabe's Raiko Taiko Disco. Other note-worthy additions to this pack are the never-heard-before-on-Taiko opening theme of Sansha Sanyō (三者三葉)'s Anime series and a bunch of returning tunes from former Wii U titles' overall/console debuts.

This pack will launch on May 6th, under the same (tax excluded) price of 500 Yen.

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