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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Taiko no Tatsujin Red Version (AC0R)

Knowing that the third generation arcades seem to settle on the large-scale update schedule of March-December-July, if I am an arcade operator I would be ordering the update kits right about now.

And sure enough, the trusty industry-focused vendor site we should probably be bookmarking lists the new version ahead of official announcement. Tagged with the subtitle/codename of Red ver. and claiming the signature color of Namco Originals, we are going ever more close to expending all of the genre colors, leaving only Orange (Anime) and Yellow (Classic), if that is an actual thing going rather than just a theory.

A main point of note is a slated Studio Ghibli collaboration, a timing just so happen to match the 3DS3 addition of Umi no Mieru Machi from Kiki's Delivery Service. Probably also expectable is more action with Mouchu from the 15th Anniversary short. (I wonder if it is safe to get the Studio Ghibli Song Series Showcase back now.)

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