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Friday, April 8, 2016

First Video: Hall of Fame Composers Strike Back!

 Princess of Donder MOES feat. Erica Kaibo (4/5/5/9; 765 notes on Oni)

The Triforce of CreoFuga-spawn Taiko personalities has descended upon White Version players, and thanks to the collaborative efforts of many Youtube users we have videos for all of them!

We start off with MOES's Princess of Donder, the latest Nam-Combo Oni challenge whose difficulty degree is given by increasing BPM speed and some rhythm-based note pacing trickery.

 Shonin YokkQ (承認欲Q) Kaneko Chiharu feat. Hachi (4/6/7/10; 899 notes on Oni)

While at this point it's not a surprise to have another high-BPM song by Kaneko Chiharu, it sure is a surprise to have soflan-enhanced speedy big notes perfectly mashing in frantic low-note cluster sections, not very dissimilar to patterns of songs in the past like Punishment.

 Ghost Mask (ゴーストマスク) Harunaba feat. Yuzuki Yukari & Chihiro Ishiguro (4/6/7/10; 899 notes on Oni)

Sharing a lot of aspects with Shonin YokkQ, Harunaba's latest Taiko song accomplishes the requirements for a modern 10* Oni thanks to a handswitch-heavy notechart not very dissimilar to Coffee no Aji To and the first Yuzuki Yukari song on Taiko, be it with less 1/24 clusters.

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