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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Across Japan: Ranking Dojo Returns! White ver. Update 3.02

Ranking Dojo is back with the update going live today (April 21)! Play across the almost-identical-as-Japan challenges (minor changes before Shodan due to inclusion differences) for bragging-rights glory and unlockable songs!

  • Shodan or up: Kimi no Akari
  • 3-dan or up: Kuon no Yoru
  • 9-dan or up: X-DAY 2000
  • 10-dan: Joubutsu 2000 (also passable)
  • Choujin: Yuugen no Ran (also passable)
  • unknown if obtainable not obtainable: Surfside Satie (5-dan)


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  1. Can confirm: Surfside Satie is not unlocked at 5th Dan or higher