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Friday, April 29, 2016

Across Japan (April 28 2016): Expected Release is Expected

And following the rest of the WCS2016 schedule is this, plus the normally slated DonChare regular unlock... wait none of the 8.17 songs at all?

New Songs: April 29
  • Onigiri wa Doko Kashira♪ Yomii feat. Hatsune Miku Same day as Japan
  • Kokorobo Ujico* Same day as Japan
New Songs: May 1
  • Shin Garyoutensei
And in case you think you miss anything in the coming week, please note that the AC0 Asia Facebook Page will also go with the Golden Week offs, and be back with the April tournament results on May 10 (already massively delayed, they apologized), and the new month's tournament song choice on May 11. The whole May tournament is also pushed a bit back to May 14~22 and the results on the 25th (hopefully on time this time).

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