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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Twitter Snippets (17 February 2016) - 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai's Finals

In occasion of the incoming JAEPO, the 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai tournament will host its Finals event for each of the involved branches! If you want to see live who among the 55 finalists will be crowned the champion (and in the case of the Taiko branch, who we're going to see again for the World Championship 2016's Finals), the Arcade Operator Unit's Twitter account has shared the link to the related Niconico livestream, going live tomorrow at 7 pm (Japan time).

We also remember that it's almost safe to assume that the 2nd Tenkaichi-related songs will be available in all their proprietary rhythm game franchise the day after the tournament's ending, so expect to see Aka no Senritsu and Yoake Made Ato 3-byou in all White Version arcades soon.

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