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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Taiko Tokaigi 2016 Album's Content

Another highlight of the past Taiko presentation at the Tokaigi '16 was the release of the limited soundtrack album AkeOme!!!+SotsuOme (アケオメ!!!+そつおめ), only available during the aforementioned event.

While no one has directly posted pictures about this elusive item so far, we know (at the very least) that the album's unusual wording has an actual meaning: the mini-album's 7 tracks all start with the first letter being part of the album's actual title! Below is a blurred-out image from the Taiko Team's presentation (fished from imgur) as an evidence of said funny trend.

Thanks to Taiko fans' early reconstructions and a (still undocumented) reporting of the actual content, here's what's inside this fabled album:
  • Alexander no Theme (レキサンダーのテーマ)
  • Kechadon 2000 (チャドン2000)
  • All Night de Indenai (ールナイト de インデナイ)
  • Menkui Miracle (ンクイミラクル)
  • !!!Chaos Time!!! (!!!カオスタイム!!!)
  • Soroban 2000 (Voice Track) (露盤2000 (ボイストラック))
  • Sotsu Omeshiki (Prototype Version) (そつおめしき (プロトタイプ版))
Right after the Sorairo limited soundtrack, this album happens to be the bearer of a prototype version for a quite recent Namco Original track, together with the voice-only version of Soroban 2000 and other quite popular songs in the same genre from both past and current times.

Once we find more evidence on this album's content, we'll be listing it on its dedicated soundtrack page, like for the other ones before it.

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